It’s 5:15pm at the office – you still have work to do, and dinner plans you don’t want to cancel.  If you want to fit in a workout,  do you scrap dinner plans and hit the gym? Run to dinner and show up sweaty?  What if it’s 10pm after a long day of  travel and you need to reengage your muscles and stretch? Do you let all that awkward sitting and standing awaiting planes, trains, and taxis make you stiff and just hit the hotel hay? (We hope not!) Maybe you’ve recently started on a fitness path and want to add some bodyweight workouts to your brisk walks, but don’t know where to start? These scenarios are situations many modern folks find themselves in – either our professional and/or social commitments leave little time for fitness, or we know targeted exercises would be a good addition to our healthy routine but aren’t sure where to begin.

Here at Fitstar, we believe the best workout is the one you can do right now, and here’s the good news: we have two workouts you can really do RIGHT NOW. Even if you “have no time;” even if you’re stuck at work, or in a hotel room, or an airport. If your exercise strategy has been to build upon your daily step goal by adding Fitstar bodyweight workouts, this is for you, too. Fitstar Personal Trainer truly does offer fresh, fun workouts that are efficient and effective; Traveler 10 and Short Circuit are two great examples that will get you moving – and fast!

Traveler 10 in Fitstar Personal Trainer will really keep you moving, even when you’re on the go. With 10 moves in 10 minutes, this efficient total body workout will get your blood flowing, but is simple enough to do while waiting at the airport gate or roadside rest stop. You could even tackle this outside during your walking or jogging workout since this workout keeps you on your feet and off any less-than-sparkling public floors; no mats required! With moves like alternating knee raises, goodmornings, standing pushups and reverse shoulder rolls, you won’t get too sweaty or feel sore afterwards, either. (See? You can totally do this before those dinner plans.) You will feel proud of yourself for fitting in some fitness on a busy day of travel, work, or other commitments – plus, your body will thank you.  Try Traveler 10 now – it’s just 10 minutes long! – or the next time you’re stuck at work, in an airport, rest stop, or wherever your schedule sends you.

Double down on quick fitness with Short Circuit in Fitstar Personal Trainer! Quick and tough, this set of plyometric moves is intense and effective. If you’re new to the plyometric move concept, its also referred to as “jump-training,” where a muscle-lengthening action is immediately followed by a muscle shortening action. This makes for a powerful and quick movement, like jumping, and can really pack a meaningful punch to your workout.  Short Circuit features 11 minutes of plyometric fun so get ready to get moving – fast. Between tuck jumps, burpees, and slalom jumps, this workout will keep you on your feet, if not in the air. You’ll need some space for the lunges, but otherwise this workout takes up as much space as you do, so get going in a break room, out on your patio, or in your brother’s guestroom. We don’t care where you Make It Happen, as long as you keep it up!

We hope these two workouts inspire you to take a look at your schedule and current healthy habits, and see where you can squeeze in a little extra time to focus on your fitness. Want more inspiration? Head over to Instagram and join us for #fitfuel recipes, fitness tips, and motivation.

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar

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    Not sure when you guys can fix this, cannot login with FitBit account. This has been a persisting issue for a long time for me – “We’re sorry, but something went wrong.”

    • Laurie Gbd

      Go into your profile and scroll down to bottom and turn Facebook on. Hope this helps.

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    Same problem for me. A,ways crashes. I don’t do Facebook

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