It seems everyone is looking for balance these days – it’s become a topic of conversation whether we’re discussing work and lifestyles, or a nutrition plan. Living a balanced, full life, is something we can get behind. It’s especially important to hone your balance while working out, as you depend on strong muscles to keep you steady before, during, and after your sweat sesh. Today we’re excited to launch two brand-new workouts that offer a healthy dose of balanced training so you can stay strong on your feet.

Introducing Body Balanced from FitStar Personal Trainer. This 24-minute Premium Freestyle session serves up a mix of unilateral exercises to help you build even, total-body strength. After a quick stretch, you’ll be on your feet to get your muscles moving with toy soldiers, single leg deadlifts, and Heisman lunges. Then push your body – one side at a time – with one-legged mountain climbers and one-armed Spidermans. This butt-kicking (literally, you’ll do 30 seconds of those) workout also includes one-legged burpees before winding down to offset pike presses and one-legged floor bridges. By targeting each side, and engaging every major muscle group, Body Balanced delivers a stellar workout you can tackle anytime, anywhere for balanced strength. Check it out today in FitStar Personal Trainer.

If you’re looking for a workout that challenges both your balance and your tension training, head over to FitStar Yoga and unlock the latest Premium Freestyle session in our collection. Balanced Tension is 38 minutes of yoga poses that will help you stay steady on your feet, knees, sit bones, and hands. Working your muscles from the bottom to the top, you’ll start with variations of all fours, then cat and cow, before moving onto seated poses. Lengthen and strengthen your muscles with side plank sequences, and then go for a deep stretch in high lunge when you shift into standing poses. As your stability builds up, you’ll tackle poses like warrior 3 and crow. Your reward for pushing through your balance training? A series of supine poses to round out this routine. Balanced Tension will get your blood flowing, your breathing deep, and your stability strong. Open up your FitStar Yoga app and give it a go today.

What are you waiting for? Better balance can be yours in under 40 minutes with these new workouts. Simply level up to FitStar Personal Trainer Premium, or FitStar Yoga Premium, to unlock these fresh and fun Freestyle sessions.

Keep Moving,
– Team FitStar