Our FitStar of the week is Wesley Anderson from Morecambe, England. In March 2015, Wesley realized it was time to take control of his health and fitness and started on his weight loss journey. As we know, nutrition and exercise go hand-and-hand to create a healthy lifestyle. Wesley started off by logging his food with MyFitnessPal to help with nutrition and through MyFitnessPal was introduced to FitStar for exercise. Through his efforts, he has lost 46 lbs to date!

Here are five facts you need to know about FitStar: Wesley Anderson.

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1. How long have you been using FitStar and what Program do you use?

I have used FitStar for a month now. I use the Get Lean program after initially using the Get Moving program. I also add some Freestyle sessions from time to time.

2. What is your FitStar story?

I found it difficult to lose weight but in March 2015 I decided to take a grip of my health and affect a positive change. Through using a calorie counting app (MyFitnessPal), which has helped me have a greater understanding of my diet as well as introducing FitStar, I have lost 46lbs to date. It’s been advantageous that FitStar links to my calorie counting app as I can keep all my information in one place. Since using FitStar, my overall fitness has increased as well as my strength and I can now also see the benefits visually. I currently weigh 206 lbs and I’m getting closer to my goal weight before focusing on toning up.

3. Why is FitStar a good fit for you?

Through the years I have tried the gym but I never seemed to have the time. Well that’s a lie, but the sheer time it took to get there, work out and get home put me off and I only usually lasted a couple of weeks. With FitStar, I can work out at home or whenever I get a spare 30 minutes at work. I also think the fact that all the information is stored and I can visually see my progress/information gives me the added incentive to push forward.

4. What have you gained by using FitStar?

First, I’m beginning to see the benefits visually as I was a big lad. I’ve had to buy new clothes as I have lost 4 inches from my waist and tops have gone from XXL to medium. I feel more energised, stronger and my confidence has grown as a result.

5. What tips or advice do you have for others that may help get them started or keep going?

As somebody who likes to see visual data of my progress, FitStar is perfect. It adjusts the workouts from feedback you provide so you are not going to be built up for a big fall and feel like you have failed. The workouts are varied and the delivery of the workouts are perfect (doesn’t feel like a workout DVD but it’s like having a personal trainer).

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Does seeing your progress visually help motivate you to keep making it happen?

Keep Moving!

– Team FitStar

  • John Webb

    Fit blaze – Since wearing Fit blaze it has motivated me more as it tracks calories, steps, weight etc. I can keep track better of my overall improvement. The challenges like 20,000 steps was fun did it in one day whilst on holiday walking around looking at various sights was rewarded with badge 20,000 steps in one day. If I had been mentally aiming to do that would probably have failed but Fitbit makes it fun, you achieve goals easier.