Are you battening down the hatches and hunkering down for a big storm? Many parts of the world seem to be experiencing or preparing for extreme weather right now, and we want to help you keep moving even when the worst of it hits.

Snowmageddon? Rainpocalypse? They can’t stop us.

Here are our 5 favorite Fitstar Freestyle workouts to do indoors so we can stay warm, dry, and fit.

#1 – The Fitstar 15 | Fitstar Personal Trainer, Free (15 Minutes)
This workout has 15 of our all-time favorite moves that you can do anytime, anywhere in 15 minutes. Of course it’s on this list.

#2 – Warm It Up | Fitstar Personal Trainer, Free (10 Minutes)
This 10 minute session will get your body ready for a more intense workout, or use it as a stand-alone session. Definitely give it a shot if you need a quick warm up on a cold day.

#3 – 10 Minute Abs | Fitstar Personal Trainer, Premium (10 Minutes)
Just because they’re buried under a sweater most of this month doesn’t mean your abs aren’t there. Share a little sweat-session love with your midsection now, and you’ll be showing off those bad boys with pride during swimsuit season! Level up to Fitstar Personal Trainer Premium to unleash this quick and killer workout.

#4 – 7-Minute Workout | Fitstar Personal Trainer, Free (7 Minutes)
A fast and efficient workout you can tackle in-between Netflix binges. Do it twice and feel like a total rockstar. Do it three times and tweet us (@Fitstar) because we’ll be so stoked you’re working so hard.

#5 – Beach Booty | Fitstar Personal Trainer, Premium (22 Minutes)
The storm will pass eventually, and you might as well kick your own butt while you’re waiting it out. Level up to unlock this Premium workout so you can dream of a being on a tropical island and sweat like you mean it.

Ready to rock through the bad weather? Of course you are. Download Fitstar Personal Trainer so you can start getting fit now!

What are your favorite Freestyle workouts when there’s bad weather brewing? Share your tips on how you stay fit in the comments below!

Stay warm and dry… and Keep Moving!
– Team Fitstar

  • Mrs Sarah Hoyle

    I have already been using the freestyle workouts…. if the FitStar team could check accounts products properly they would realise this but all I have received is emails asking for surveys to rate them.
    I have already paid for my Premium Membership… and I still cannot use it due to it being locked.
    Can anyone help me with this query please as it still is unresolved after a week of 5-6 emails?