Springtime is swinging into Fitstar HQ, and a new season brings with it the promise of a fresh start. If you started off the New Year with a bang and need a reboot, or if you’re just looking for some tips to stay on track, here’s how you can spring clean your fitness routine in 7 steps.

#1 – Schedule It
Making time to fit in fitness can be hard when you’re pulled in many directions. Between work obligations, family duties, and social commitments, allotting yourself 30-60 minutes for your exercise program can seem tricky. We suggest making an appointment with yourself, like you would with your coworker or – or like a date with a friend – and then keep it. Try not tot bail! Making yourself a priority is important, but may seem daunting. Start by taking it week by week; look at the next 7 days, and decide when and where you’ll plug in a workout or two. Or three. Remember, in addition to your Fitstar Program sessions, we have a whole catalog of Freestyle sessions and many are under 20 minutes. If you have a particularly tight week, you can always swap in a shorter workout and then squeeze in movement throughout the day.  Also, your plan doesn’t have to be the same week after week; it just has to work – so you can workout!

#2 – Be Better With A Buddy
We can’t say enough about the benefits of having a workout buddy. Having someone along for the ride, who can motivate and hold you accountable is a great way to keep working towards your fitness goals. Whether you grab your best pal, or hold “walk and talk” meetings with coworkers, or join a group training practice – getting moving together is often easier than going about alone. If there isn’t anyone readily available to meet your fit friendship needs, search your online social networks to see if  you can find a virtual partner. With sweet tech tools like sharing your Fitstar workouts, or tracking exercise on your Fitbit devices, you can keep up with each other even miles apart.

#3 – Turn Up Your Tunes
Let’s be honest: music is a major motivator. If you are having a hard time getting going, it might be time to pump up your playlist. Need some inspiration? Recently our friends at Fitbit published  7 sweet lists from some professional fitness folks. If these tunes help them Make It Happen, we’re sure you can find something there, too.

#4 – Get The Right Gear
The great thing about Fitstar is that you don’t need fancy equipment to ace a sweat sesh. That said, you need to be wearing comfortable clothes you can move in, and proper shoes. If you can’t remember the last time you got new shoes for working out – you might want to look into getting a new pair. It’s important to protect and support your feet and ankles, especially when performing high intensity workouts. If you want to tackle another type of fitness, take an inventory check of what you have and what you need – then make the investment when you can. Being equipped, literally, will help you dive into your fitness plan.

#5 – Stretching Is Best
This one’s free and super important: stretch, stretch, stretch. We literally can’t say it enough. If stretching isn’t part of your fitness routine, add it today! It’s a game-changer that can help reduce the chance of injury, motivate you to hit your workout hard, or even reset your mind and your mood. When you make your weekly workout schedule, be sure to add a few minutes for stretching. Better yet – make at least one of your workouts a Fitstar Yoga session to build strength while practicing your zen.

#6 – Get Fresh Air
With the weather warming up in many parts of the world, getting outside might be just what you need to shake up your routine. Whether you bring your iPad outside for a Fitstar session, or fasten your Fitbit before hitting the hiking trails, just getting fresh air can change your perspective. One of the very best things you can do for yourself is take a 10 minute walk when you feel stressed, plus we now know that walking can offset all the sitting we do these days. Head outside for a change of pace!

#7 – Revamp Your Thoughts
Whether you started off the year with big intentions and then cooled your jets, or if you find yourself in a little bit of a rut, now is a great time to rethink your goals and expectations. Living a healthier life doesn’t happen over night, and for most of us, it’s not going to be a straight road. You might have days, weeks, and months that are “better” than others, when you’ve been accomplishing those workouts and eating well, too. There might be times when you’re disappointed because a session was hard, or you skipped exercise completely. Now is the time to practice forgiveness – with yourself – and reset your intentions. It’s never to late to make, shift, or rethink our health and fitness goals. Be kind to yourself and you’ll get there. Preparing yourself is half of the battle. The other half? Is getting moving – and we’re here to help. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter if you need some more support to Make It Happen.

For more ideas on how to fresh up your fitness habits, check out this article from Shape.com featuring 20 ways to spring into healthy exercise habits.

What’s your secret for motivating yourself to keep moving? Join the conversation in the comments below!

Keep Moving,
-Team Fitstar

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