Get ready to spring into fitness with two new workouts! Whether you’re getting back on a bicycle after the off-season, or seeking solid ground amid a daily grind, these Freestyle workouts offer a fresh take on staying fit.

Spring starts with a slew of new moves featured in Spin Cycle, the all-new, 33-minute Premium Freestyle workout from Fitstar Personal Trainer. From hop swaps to dead bugs, we’re unleashing new ways to move your body and work your muscles this season. Spin Cycle was designed with cyclists in mind, and will help you prep for miles on the bike, but it’s ideal for anyone looking to target those cycling-focused muscles, too. Work your core with forearm plank arm reaches and leg lifts; build your back muscles with back plank twists and reverse snow angels. Push yourself, and your lower half in particular, with moves like spinning jump squats, warrior 3 kickouts, and table top glute kicks. A cycling workout wouldn’t be complete without cardio, and your blood will be pumping with 30-second bursts of jumping jack crossovers and fast feet on hands. Spin Cycle will get you ready to ride, and offers exciting new exercises (now’s your chance to find out what scap pushups are)! Check it out in Fitstar Personal Trainer. If you don’t have a Premium account, you can access this workout and all the others by upgrading your account here.

Fitstar Yoga is getting down to earth, and embracing a more grounded approach to fitness, literally. Check out Centered Sphinx, the latest Premium Freestyle session from Fitstar Yoga, and get close to your mat to stretch your lower body. You’ll strengthen your core with this 40-minute sequence, too. Starting in seated poses, you’ll work your way up to low lunges, followed by half hero variations, stretching out either side of your body. Down dog and vinyasas will flow into sphinx, half-frog, and dolphin sequences, allowing you to deepen and perfect your movements as you push up from the floor. Return to your mat and savor seated and supine stretches to round out your workout. Centered Sphinx provides a 40-minute reprieve from your day-to-day, and we hope you find it as grounding as we do. Give it a try, now, in Fitstar Yoga. Need to level up to Premium? Unlock Centered Sphinx and the entire library of Fitstar Yoga Freestyle workouts now.

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar

  • Sandra

    It’s actually autumn in Australia!!!!

  • Louise

    I have a Fitstar premium account but I can’t find the yoga anywhere? When I click the link above it just opens my app but shows freestyle sessions without any yoga.

    • Sarah Fallon


      Its called Fitstar Yoga if you enter that as a search in the apps. Its also paid for seperately :( but its my fav app x

      • Louise Erixon

        Oh.. and I noticed it’s not available on android either… such a bummer!

        • Sarah Fallon

          Oh no!

  • Sam

    Is yoga going to be available on Android platform soon?