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With pricing more flexible than a yogi and an ever-growing arsenal of moves, FitStar is tailored to you and your progress and takes the guess work out of working out.

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You don’t need a lot of space, fancy equipment, or even tons of free time to get in a great workout and get real results.

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The only way to make fitness stick is knowing you can stick to it.

We set out to create an elegant and uncomplicated fitness app that allows you to be the best version of you. Explore some of FitStar Personal Trainer’s best features:

No Equipment needed

All of our workouts can be done without a ton of equipment. Get right into it without worrying if you have everything you need. If you’ve got gear to sweat in, you’re good to go.

Short Workouts

A good workout means that you got in a good sweat in the time you’ve got available. Whether that’s 30 minutes on weekends and 7 during the week, we’ll still keep you challenged.

Little Space Required

If you’ve got room to starfish on the floor, you’ve got room for FitStar Personal Trainer. Our workouts are designed so that even in tight hotel rooms, you’ve got everything you need to stay fit.


FitStar Success Stories

FitStar Personal Trainer works. Really. Have a look through our success stories and discover an amazing source of inspiration from people just like you.

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FitStar Personal Trainer is the “Most Tailored” fitness app....more


At the core…is a patented algorithm that customizes a user’s workouts, so an athlete can move at his own pace and advance as he gets stronger....more


FitStar (Personal Trainer) is the gold standard when is comes to personal training apps....more

FitStar Premium is Unlimited.

It’s like an all you-can-eat fitness buffet (yeah, that’s probably the wrong analogy).

A year of FitStar is cheaper than a month of a gym membership.



Get Lean

Looking to focus on weight loss and muscle tone? Starting at 30 minutes, Get Lean’s Sessions are a little bit longer with an extra helping of cardio and can be tailored to challenge all skill levels, ensuring that you stick with it as you progress and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Get Strong

In 20-40 minute sessions, you’ll notice your overall fitness improving, especially when it comes to muscle strength. Relying on just your own body weight, Get Strong includes a perfect balance of strength and cardio with moves that you can do at home or on the road.

Daily Dose

Sometimes life gets busy and traveling to the gym or peeling away from the desk feels like productive time lost. We want to see your commitment to fitness last which is why our Daily Dose program is perfect for a quick, guilt-free hit. These 10-15 minute Sessions are designed to maintain your fitness level and will help you stay on track.

Freestyle Sessions

Love variety? Our Freestyle Sessions are perfect for when you want to change it up and try something different. With new content added all the time, like bootcamps, the scientific 7 Minute Workout, themed workouts for Octoberfest and Movember, we’ll keep you interested. If variety is the spice of life, Freestyle sessions are the chili pepper.

Premium Means Premium:

  • Unlimited access to all our Sessions
  • HD video instruction
  • Premium only Moves
  • Priority email support
  • Exclusive Programs and unlocked Freestyle Session access
Getting started is easy

FitStar Basic isn’t a basic workout.

It’s our free program, designed to get you moving on the road to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Get Moving

We were all made to move and being healthy shouldn’t come with a huge price tag. With this in mind, we developed the Get Moving program. It’s free for you to learn how to maintain or increase your fitness level and gain the confidence you need to step it up, whenever you’re ready.

Freestyle Sessions

Free doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same old same old. Basic comes with some of the same freestyle sessions from FitStar Premium so you can make the most of your time with a great workout. We’re always adding more so you’ll always have a challenge awaiting you whenever you fire up FitStar.

FitStar Basic is Totally Free to use. Get moving.
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You might be still wondering...

What do I get for free?

FitStar Basic includes two sessions per week. Those sessions come from unlocked Freestyle workouts or from the Get Moving Program.

What are my options for subscribing?

You can choose either FitStar Premium, which is a paid, time-based subscription, or FitStar Basic, which is completely free.

What do I get with FitStar Premium?

You’ll get unlimited access to all of our FitStar Premium programs, all Freestyle Sessions, and nutritional guidance emails for the length of your paid subscription. It’s everything you need to help transform you.

What people are saying about FitStar

  • Amazing

    "This app has definitely helped me get back into action. I fell off the wagon and the ability to use this at home is amazing." - Namrog81

  • Designed around your individual strengths

    "These workouts are designed around your individual strengths! And you still break a sweat with every workout. I love this app! It’s great for reshaping" - Kimberelliz

  • Perfect for a busy life

    "Like most working moms – I lead a very busy life! This app is PERFECT for making time to exercise no matter where I’m at." - ms sharonapple

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