Let’s kick 2017 off with a refreshed take on getting fit!

Introducing the brand-new Fitstar Personal Trainer experience, with more inspiration, more motivation, and more customization. Built right into your workouts.

Reach your fitness goals with a plan that adapts to your schedule and fits your life. The new Fitstar Personal Trainer will help you see real results, whether you’re at home, on the go, or just can’t make it to the gym. With customized video workouts that are tailored to match your fitness level and evolve as you progress, you’ll love getting fit with the fresh, new Fitstar.

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So, what, exactly, is new?

Choose from two new certified personal trainers to guide you on your journey! Not only are both Lea and Adrian certified coaches and seasoned wellness experts, they each bring their own unique energy to every Fitstar session. Meet them now!

Access all-new workout recommendations based on your Fitstar feedback and Fitbit activity to hit your fitness goals faster! Did you track a long run with your Fitbit device? Fitstar might suggest a personalized Program or Freestyle workout that focuses on your abs and arms. If you don’t have a Fitbit yet, we’ll still recommend Fitstar sessions and encourage you to keep going. These recommended workouts are found right in the “Recommended Workouts” section of Fitstar Personal Trainer, or in the new “Guidance” tab of the Fitbit app. Learn more here!

Get moving with more music with Fitstar Radio! Now you can customize your workout soundtrack by choosing from a variety of music stations, such as Pop to Hip Hop, to 80s Throwback, to motivate you while you exercise. Check it out now!

Enjoy the fresh, new look! Be inspired with a fresh, new feel to our video workouts. The redesigned app provides an inspiring exercise experience that you can view on any format, from mobile phones to the latest high-def TVs.

Tackle new exercises and new workouts! We’ve expanded our library of bodyweight and cardio exercises for every fitness level, and are adding more new moves all the time. And yes, a new year also means new Freestyle workouts coming regularly, so watch for those!


Please note you must be using one of the following operating systems or browsers in order to access Fitstar Personal Trainer and have the best experience:
For iOS devices: iOS 9 and above.
For Android mobile devices: 4.4 (KitKat) and above.
On web: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge (IE).

Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or you’re just starting out, the new Fitstar Personal Trainer experience will help you see real results. Our team is dedicated to building a fitness app you’ll use and love. And we’ll continue to update, improve, and enhance Fitstar Personal Trainer, so we can reach our goals together!

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Make It Happen,
– Team Fitstar

  • marco

    language change automatically… cant see white countdown because of light background… cant see tutorial because of full screen countdown before every exercise… gonzalez is missing trainer…

  • Mike D.

    Where is Tony??!! Please, bring him back! I can’t live like this.

  • Amy

    Please bring back Tony!!!!! Miss his personality and charisma. Also finding the time or rep countdown for each workout much harder to read on the new update- white is hard to see on the light background and much too small :(

  • sheri

    Where is Tony? New trainers are good, but I miss his humor. “Pull in your stomach, you’re about to get your picture taken!”

  • Bristollad

    The new video for shadow boxing demonstrates atrocious form: no hip rotation visible at all, just wild flailing with the arms. Why was this chosen as the exemplar?
    Similarly, the instructions for “good mornings” now tells you to clasp your hands behind your neck whilst the video has arms stiff by the sides?!
    I found Tony’s style encouraging – some of the new videos are annoying, others discouraging. Doesn’t seem like an improvement so far.

  • kalyan Pesala

    Before the update personalised workouts use to show which body parts we are working on but now it’s simply showing quick strength , double down, strength variety Please change it … New videos are good but definitely not improved … pros in the update is only interface and fitbit connectivity

    • Bristollad

      The app on my iPad doesn’t show body parts, but the same personalised workout looked at on the web does. “Optimised” for the smaller screen maybe?

  • Joe

    Bring back Tony. Go Bears

  • st12

    so you guys are saying I shouldn’t update the app so I can keep Tony? gotcha. Will do.

  • alan

    how to downgrade fitstar???

  • Jamie

    Tony! Tony! Tony!

  • Arnaud

    The countdown was better before – i was able to see how many reps i’m doing. The new coach Adrian is good. I don’t understand why we don’t get to see which part of the body we’re working on anymore. Is it random now ?? Just don’t do everything in favour of Fitbit and the runners. Remember we’re not all using fitbit. It was perfect before, why changing everything ?
    Anyway, i don’t forget you guys do an incredibly good job. Your app is the best fitness app so far so keep up the good work !

  • Bill Smith

    What happened? This App was showing so much promise to until Fitbit purchased them. Now this latest update has removed the Apple Watch App and Healthkit option doesn’t support heart rate. I guess it’s time to move on! I was really hoping they would have created a Apple TV app by now. Time to give Sworkit a try!

  • Mollie

    So Apple Health Integration is going away now? First FitBit stole my Pebble Watch, and now they’re messing up my favorite Fitness App? I might think about getting subscribing to FitBit if they’d use the Pebble Hardware I already own (and paid good money for) and not screw up my favorite fitness app. I want integration with Apple Health!