They say good things happen in threes, and our latest Freestyle workouts prove that old adage to be true. Both brand-new sessions in Fitstar Personal Trainer and Fitstar Yoga showcase what a trio of targeted sequences can do for your fitness routine. Get ready to test yourself and triumph with Triple Threat and Warrior Trio, exclusively from Fitstar.

At first glance, Triple Threat from Fitstar Personal Trainer seems like a workout you could slot right in on any given day. With only nine different exercises, and 30 minutes on the clock, you might think our curriculum team is taking it easy this month – but this isn’t fitness done nicely, this is fitness done thricely. You’ll tackle three rounds of three sets of three exercises to hit every major muscle group. Warm up ahead of time, because Triple Threat dives right in with the first round: bodyweight squats, pushups, and mountain climbers. You have 30 seconds to see how many you can do, followed by a quick rest. Next, master your forearm plank, jump lunges, and floor bridge knee lifts. Finish off this round with burpees, warrior 3 kickouts, and straight leg lifts. Rest, then repeat again. And then? Do it again. Triple Threat works your legs, chest, and core, plus offers up a double-dose of cardio thanks to the burpees and mountain climbers. Get strong, fast, and fit with this 30-minute Premium Freestyle workout, and you’ll be a Triple Threat, too. Want this workout? Upgrade to Fitstar Personal Trainer Premium right now.

Looking to get flexibly fit with a different, yet equally fierce, trifecta of sequences? Fitstar Yoga is debuting a brand-new workout to help you build stability and strength, too. In Warrior Trio, a Premium Freestyle workout, beginners and experienced yogis alike will stretch and bend through a sequenced series of three warrior 3’s. After warming up with seated and all fours poses, stretch through a vinyasa and down dog to runner’s lunge variations before arriving to hold your first warrior 3 pose. A series of standing poses will hone your strength as you engage your muscles for warrior 1, then maintain that focus as you add eagle arms to warrior 1 and warrior 3 poses. Unwinding from warrior variations, you’ll glide through another series of vinyasas and down dog poses before standing tall (pssst: challenge yourself in that 12-second standing toe hold!) and striking warrior 3 again. Once you’ve mastered the three warrior variations, it’s time to get low and relaxed in supine poses to round out this workout. Warrior Trio will stretch your body and tone your muscles; feel like a champion and try this 32-minute session today. Need to level up to Premium? Unlock all the workouts, including this one, right here.

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– Team Fitstar

  • Kim

    Can’t wait to try this out. Any words of advice?