Summertime has arrived at Fitstar HQ, and we’re thinking of all the epic adventures to come. Whether you’re planning to hit the trails or the beach this season, it’s a stellar time to focus on your fitness, and take a break from your daily grind. Enjoy a change of pace, and perspective, by mixing up your exercise routine with two brand-new Freestyle workouts.

First up, get low over at Fitstar Personal Trainer, and unlock Lower Body Blast, a Premium Freestyle workout that delivers a blend of cardio and strength-training moves, perfect to hone your beach-ready body. Want stronger legs, and toned abs and glutes? Look no further – this workout will torch fat and maximize your most impressive muscles. Warm up with jumping jacks, toy soldiers, and hip hurdles to get your blood pumping. Lower Body Blast will challenge your legs with moves like side lunges, jump lunges, squat jumps, and more. Shred your core with row boats, candlesticks, hip dips, and forearm plank twists. But this workout isn’t solely focused on building strength, remember? Lower Body Blast is a twofer: get #fitstarstrong and blast fat with cardio moves like star skaters, fast feet in squat, and hip hop mountain climbers. In just 26 minutes, Lower Body Blast provides a targeted workout that strengthens, tones, and tightens – in all the right places. With this routine under your belt, you’ll be ready for any adventure summer has to offer. Head to Fitstar Personal Trainer Premium and unlock it now.

If you want to change your perspective – literally – this summer, but don’t want to leave your yoga mat, Fitstar has you covered, too. Introducing Headstand Harmony, a Premium Freestyle workout from Fitstar Yoga. We know what you’re thinking, and yes. Actual headstands. This isn’t a light and breezy summertime sweat sesh, though it may begin that way. Hey, no one said changing your perspective was easy, though Headstand Harmony will guide you as you work your way into the upside down. To begin, loosen up through a series of seated and all fours poses, then warm up with down dog, vinyasas, and lunge sequences. Make sure you give yourself time to breathe into each pose, feeling your strength and stability solidify with each breath. Gradually you’ll move into dolphin variations, and wide leg straddle poses, then hit a series of headstands to shift your center. Headstand Harmony is not a workout for those new to yoga; go at your own pace – we believe practice does make progress. Finish this routine with seated poses, including butterfly variations and twists, before relaxing into supine shin hug and corpse pose. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy an epic sense of accomplishment when Headstand Harmony is added to your Fitstar Yoga repertoire. Check it out today by leveling up to Fitstar Yoga Premium.

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar