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Here at FitStar, we believe you should ramp up your fitness as the year winds down. Why? Setting a solid foundation now can help you navigate your way through the holidays, kickstarting your fitness-focused New Year’s resolutions. We know it’s easy to get caught up in all the year-end festivities, but since our latest sessions clock in around half an hour each, you can easily fit one into the busiest of schedules. Check out Center Strength and Bend & Breathe, two brand-new workouts that offer effective and efficient ways to help you focus on your fitness.

First up, Center Strength provides some fundamental moves to build a strong core. This Premium Freestyle session from FitStar Personal Trainer will get your blood pumping and muscles firing in 28 minutes. Warm up with inchworms and air jump rope, then enjoy a mix of FitStar favorites like bicycle kicks, candlesticks, and mountain climbers. Hone your stability and strength with Spidermans, and engage your trunk muscles with crunches. And what’s a good core workout without planks? We’ve packed in elbow planks, side planks (with and without toe touches – you’re welcome), plus inchworm, and Superman planks. Center Strength is a great workout to add to the rotation this month, and will solidify your foundation so you can end 2016 fit and strong. Need to unlock Center Strength? Level up to FitStar Personal Trainer and get this Premium Freestyle session, plus many more!

If this time of year has you in knots, FitStar Yoga can help. Check out Bend & Breathe – a short, 31-minute yoga session that helps you expand your breath, and find space in your chest, shoulders, and spine. Get loose and limber with this Premium Freestyle session that’s all about backbends. Don’t let the idea of backbends intimidate you, though, you’ll start with seated and standing stretches, and work your way up to the more challenging poses. Work on your breath as you go for depth in your low lunges, and feel refreshed as you close out the sequence of supine poses. Bend & Breathe is an efficient way to find your center during a busy season. Take a break and focus on your well-being with this brand-new Premium Freestyle session from FitStar Yoga. Want to access the Premium experience for FitStar Yoga? Get it here.

Keep Moving,
– Team FitStar