I am a busy mom of two beautiful little girls and I am also trying to begin my career as a counselor in our area. Working out is my stress reliever and it is very important for me to get in my workouts. With that being said, I also have to be creative with how I get them in. Instead of watching TV after our girls go to bed, my husband and I workout with FitStar. I also run during their nap times or get up early and run. You make time for things that are important to you. Being fit and healthy is something I am committed to and I want to set an example for my girls.

I have been using FitStar for about a month now and I am using the ‘Get Strong’ workout. I am a 2-time marathoner  who is training for my 6th and 7th half marathons, to be completed this fall. I want to be stronger and these workouts help strengthen my legs and arms. They also help strengthen my core, which in turns helps out with my running. My favorite exercise has to be either the jumping jacks or the butt kicks! I really love FitStar — you can do it anywhere!