Picture this: you ran five miles yesterday wearing your Fitbit device. That was a good workout, right? Today, when you open your Fitstar Personal Trainer app, you’ll see some suggestions. These Recommended Workouts, will take your recent run into account and offer you some additional options:
1. Because you ran, you might want to take it easy on your legs and work your abs and arms instead.
2. Alternatively, but still because you’re a runner, you might want to double down on cardio. Thus, Fitstar also offers up a fast-paced Freestyle session like Cardio Crunch.

Don’t have a Fitbit yet? No problem. Fitstar focuses on your feedback from each of your Fitstar workouts – whether your goal is to Get Strong, Get Lean, Get Moving, or get a Daily Dose of fitness. Based on your input, as well as tracking what other Fitstars like you are working on, we’ll suggest sessions to complement your journey.


Fitbit users will also see these workouts in the new “Guidance” tab coming soon to the Fitbit app, and Fitstar users will find them in the Recommended workouts section of their dashboard.

Fitstars with and without Fitbits will enjoy a more customized exercise experience; the more you wear your Fitbit and complete Fitstar workouts, giving feedback as you normally do, the smarter the workout recommendations become.

This is exciting for us, because of the added layer of customization it brings you, and because it’s the first time the Fitstar and Fitbit products have integrated to provide you with such a seamless fitness program.

Previously, you could sync your Fitbit and Fitstar accounts to track your progress, and see how your activity impacts your overall health. But we’ve also been working on deeper connections for Fitstars with Fitbit trackers:
– Fitstar workouts will be logged in the Fitbit app giving you credit toward your weekly exercise goal.
– Fitstar users who wear a Fitbit device equipped with Fitbit’s PurePluse continuous heart rate tracking, such as the Fitbit Blaze, Charge 2, and Surge, during their Fitstar-logged workout can see their tracked heart rate trends in the exercise summary within the Fitbit app.
– Fitbit Blaze also offers three of the most popular Fitstar Personal Trainer workouts—Warm it Up, 7-Minute Workout and 10-Minute Abs—right on your wrist for access anytime, anywhere.

This bigger picture, or holistic view, of your activity is exciting, and we’re thrilled to share it with you. But this is just the beginning – expect to see even more relevant guidance woven throughout your fitness journey as we add new features to this latest evolution of Fitstar!

We believe the best workout is the one you’ll do – and we think you’ll love your new recommendations. Check them out in the app now!

Want to learn about other features in the fresh, new Fitstar Personal Trainer app? Read on.

Keep Moving
– Team Fitstar

  • Groove2

    Well, What do you guys think?

  • Bristollad

    Haven’t noticed any change in this area, but then I don’t have a tracker with HR. As for Fitstar taking account of activities logged with Fitbit – gave me a leg intensive workout the day after I logged almost an hour and half doing stairs…so either they ignored it or they were “doubling down”. Either way, same as if they were not taking it into account really.

  • Melissa

    The update is only OK as it has some improvements like the recommended workouts so as not to waste the home page of the app but the workouts themselves need some improvement. Seem to spend more time at the end of the workout watching the person stretch or stand until the next exercise is triggered; the countdown to start the exercise covers up the person showing how to do the activity so you have to wait to figure out a new activity; it’s hard to see the rest countdown with white numbers on a light grey background.

    • http://fitstar.com/ Fitstar

      We appreciate your feedback, Melissa. We’ve passed this along to our dev team. As with any app, we’re continuing to make improvements over time, so we hope you’ll be pleased with how things progress.

  • Bristollad

    “Recommended workouts”, yeah right! Tried a recommended workout last night then had to leave out 4 of the exercises because they were too tough e.g. handstand pushups against a wall (for someone who struggles to do 10 ordinary pushups). Not tailored to my level of fitness and strength at all. So pointless, frustrating and demotivating. Way to go Fitstar!

    • http://fitstar.com/ Fitstar

      Hi Brirstollad, sorry to hear you’re frustrated with the workout recommendations you’ve experienced. These are only recommendations, and to make sure to get workouts personalized just for you, you may want to stick with your Program sessions.
      We’re continuing to make improvements and tune the app over time, so we hope you’ll be pleased with how things progress.