One of the most anticipated media events of the year happened Tuesday of this week. It wasn’t the Super Bowl. It wasn’t the Oscars. It was Apple’s “September Event” where they made several blockbuster announcements, not the least of which was the announcement of the Apple Watch.

Some people were blown away by the news. Others not so much. Regardless of your stance, it’s clear Apple is serious about opening the market for a new [to Apple] class of digital devices you wear on your wrist.

We believe the announcement of Apple Watch is notable not so much because it’s a cool new gadget with which you can measure your steps, stairs climbed, and heart rate in a sleek package that sits neatly on your wrist. What we do think is notable is that this hardware, along with the new fitness and health features coming next week to the latest version of iOS in the form of Health data, opens the door to new experiences that will get tens of millions of people moving more.  What’s more, Apple and several of their competitors are bringing their collective marketing muscle to bear behind their respective initiatives, which will drive access to digital health experiences further into the mainstream.

Here at FitStar, these new devices and services get our creative juices flowing — innovation, for us, breeds inspiration. Our next version of FitStar Personal Trainer integrates with Apple Health data, which will seamlessly track your FitStar Session data to give you a clearer picture of your overall activity levels across all apps that also integrate with Apple’s Health app. And with Apple Watch, we’re already dreaming up ways to take advantage of this new, advanced class of wearables — things like adjusting the difficulty of FitStar curriculum in real-time based on your heart rate, delivering rep count or other navigation cues via wrist vibration, or the ability to control your FitStar Session you have Airplayed to your TV or iPad from across the room.

We’ll keep you posted as we refine our ideas. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your comments below on what you’re excited to see us do with the Apple Watch, or other new hardware that can enhance your FitStar experience.

Keep Moving,

Team FitStar


  • Jahangir Kabircmc

    Yes I love it go ahead we are with you it’s a great motivation, today it thought it would be very cool if I get all the data at a glance such as calorie burn step count climbing running cycling all of these it will be more fun and with apple watch and Fitstar together can measure real time data like heart beat and session back up it would be a cool idea I love It

    • FitStar

      We appreciate the suggestion, Jahangir!

  • Steve

    It would be great to not have to answer Brutal, Just Right, Easy after every exercise. The heart beat would tell the software that info

    • FitStar

      Thanks for the input, Steve. We agree that the ability to pull in heart rate data has a lot of potential!

  • Alfredo

    It would be great if you could sync with other devices in addition to Apple ones. I love Fitstar, I am really happy with Withings solution, so I would be just overwhelmed if you sync together

    • FitStar

      Thanks for reaching out! That’s a great question!

      We’re looking to add support for additional devices in the future. We don’t yet have any announced dates for that, but we know people are excited to have us on more platforms. You can follow us on Twitter (@fitstar:disqus ) and on Facebook at for updates on our plans.

  • David McDonagh

    After today’s Apple watch announcement… Any update on Fitstar’s plans to use the watch and the monitoring it provides?

    • FitStar

      Thanks for reaching out!

      FitStar will continue to support other devices that are compatible with our plans to utilize biometrics to make the FitStar experience more powerful. While we still don’t have all the specifics around what the Apple watch will provide in terms of health and fitness, we will integrate with it, and other fitness devices, as long as it makes for a great consumer experience.