Our FitStar of the week is Charmaine Wallace from England. Charmaine uses both FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga because they offer personalized workouts and give her a boost of endorphins after a tough day. Her advice? Keep consistent, be honest with feedback and just go for it. At FitStar, we love checking out the collages that she puts up on Twitter and Instagram after her sessions!

Here are five facts you need to know about FitStar: Charmaine Wallace.


1.  How long have you been using FitStar and what Program do you use?

I started Fitstar Personal Trainer in November 2014 initially with the Get Lean Program, but I then switched to Get Strong. I am a firm believer in the “muscle burns fat” school of thought. I also use FitStar Yoga. Balance and posture is a big issue for me so this is a challenge, but it also feels absolutely amazing.

2. What’s your FitStar story?

I have been working out on and off for years. I love running because it gets me outdoors. However, living in North West England means that even mildly ideal weather conditions are severely limited. Yes, I am a softie, I don’t like being outside in gale force winds and lashing rain! And you could not pay me enough actual cash money to go to a gym. It’s my worst nightmare.
My diet can sure use a massive amount of improvement. However, working out is important to me not just to be fit, but because the right workout erases even the toughest day and make you a content, sweaty, happy pile of endorphins. Cheaper than therapy, less complicated than medication.
I have a whole shelf full of DVDs, but eventually anything you repeat enough times becomes boring. I was just idly looking through iTunes, actually after a 7 minute workout app, when I found FitStar. I thought it was worth a try, why the heck not? I never looked back.
I think the carrot, getting a badge when you get better, plays a big part in helping to keep you motivated. But I absolutely love the fact that this app learns. You get better, it gets harder. You get to provide feedback while you work out. Something that I find impossible during the yoga session. But, you get the chance to review poses at the end of the session, so that’s alright!
You are never going to have the “walking on the treadmill, reading my book, eating an apple” effect with this. I have to say, though, that if I knew getting better would eventually be “rewarded” with over two minutes of slalom jumps, I might not have so happily tapped “Just right” the first time I did them without feeling ill right after.

3. Why is FitStar a good fit for you?

Time! I don’t have a lot of it.  Weather. North West England is not known for it’s sunny disposition. Not a big, no wait, not a fan of gyms at all. Jostling for equipment at a ridiculously inflated cost per month and hanging out naked with strangers in showers is not my idea of fun. It’s always on. Ready when you are. Anytime, anywhere.

4. What have you gained by using FitStar?

A real sense of accomplishment every time I can do something I wasn’t able to do last week. Incremental improvements in ability show up a lot quicker than changes to your body.
Feeling like it’s OK that I am not skinny. I might not be ripped, but I can do 15 push ups in handstand (although, it is still handstand against a wall, for now …) and hold my entire body-weight on my forearms and wrists for crow. And I am getting better all the time. That little lift carries through to the rest of my life, and I have actually managed to be a bit more upbeat recently.

5. What tips or advice do you have for others that may help get them started or keep going?

Start where you are with what you have and just go for it! Don’t think that you have to be anything other than what you are already to get started. Use this app, every day, there are LOADS of options. Use both FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga apps, I do. When I get crazy busy and the day runs away with me, before bed yoga calms my mind and feels amazingly good for my body. If you can’t do a regular push up, do a box push up, or even a wall push up. Just do it, stick with it, and you WILL get better. Consistency is key.
And, be absolutely honest with your feedback. There is no point over-or under estimating your reps or time, The app adjusts based on what you tell it, so, if you say 50 military push ups is a piece of cake, it’ll give you 55 next time. It’s your own, personalized workout, make it count.
If you don’t feel like it, and believe me, after a hard day at work, I am not exactly chomping at the bit to do planks, just adjust. If you can’t face 50 minutes of back and chest, do a Freestyle session instead. Pick something that is the absolute minimum of time you think you can manage and just do it!

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Do you find working out with FitStar helps erase a tough day or calm your mind?

Keep Moving!

– Team FitStar

  • Miranda

    Fitstar is great, Its so easy to fit in your day and it helps you always challenge yourself! I don’t always feel like it, but when I do it makes me feel great and boosts my energy.

    • http://fitstar.com/ FitStar

      Great to hear you’re enjoying the app! The hardest part is getting started :).