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If you’re like us, you’ll agree that a little incentive goes a long way. Don’t get us wrong – we love what exercise does for our bodies and our attitudes, but sometimes we need a little extra push to Keep Moving. We’ve all been there – you set a goal whether it’s committing to losing 10 pounds, cutting out processed sweets or tackling four FitStar sessions in a week – and somewhere, at some point, your motivation takes a hit. One way we keep ourselves in the zone is by setting up healthy rewards to celebrate hitting specific fitness goals.

Now some of you may be thinking: isn’t weight loss the reward? Or, isn’t getting stronger the reward? Or even, isn’t getting healthier the reward? YES. Nothing compares to seeing and experiencing hard-earned results: looking better, feeling better and living a better, healthier life overall. However, dangling a carrot or two might just make you run faster and push harder. And we don’t think there’s anything wrong with that!

Setting some appropriate rewards to match milestones and goals is a perfectly healthy way to focus on your fitness. Maybe you want to celebrate every 5lb loss, or every 10th FitStar Session completed, or every 15th mile logged, or every 20th day in a row without eating processed treats or every 25th day you went to bed at a decent hour. You can create all kinds of goals to propel you to your next level of greatness, and the rewards can be equally as diverse. The following suggestions run the gamut from free to pricey, simple to elaborate, but none of these will derail all the hard work you’ve been doing.

#1 – Celebrate Success with a Snooze
Give yourself the gift of rest and choose a day to move your pre-dawn workout to the PM. Snuggle in and enjoy it, because it’s back to business tomorrow. Not able to hit the snooze button? Make a date with yourself: two hours, no iAnythings, just some extra Z’s. Perhaps in some countries a siesta is a no-brainer, but for many of us a mid-day nap will feel like a huge indulgence.

#2 – Visit Someplace Special
Is there a park, beach or building that means a lot to you? Maybe there’s even a store you like to wander around in. Tell yourself that once you hit your goal you’re going to make a date to go to your happy place and soak it all in.

#3 – Soak It All Up
Speaking of soaking, if you live someplace that is not drought-stricken, a bubble bath is an excellent reward for hard work! It will feel good on the body and will give your brain time to rest as well. Californians, sorry, we can’t recommend this one to you right now. Instead head to the beach or a lake to feel cool water on your toes.

#4 – Write and Remember This Moment
One fun idea to document your hard work and success is to open a new email account and send yourself messages, pictures and videos. There are so many free email providers and creating an account takes less than five minutes. Set a date or a goal you must reach before checking your special inbox, and in the meantime send yourself notes about your workouts, how you’re feeling and write about the bigger picture that you’re trying to accomplish. Reading and reliving your journey will only make it more special; seeing how far you’ve come will inspire you to keep going. AND having all that documentation will come in super handy when you send in your story to be a featured FitStar!

#5 – Be a featured FitStar
Because, of course this is an awesome reward! Work hard, make yourself proud and share your story with us! You can see some of the stories from our incredible community here. When you’ve reached your goals let us know so we can celebrate you, with you. We are always looking for FitStars to tell us about their experiences. Plan on sending in your story when you’re ready for the spotlight of success to shine on you. Email us at You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #FitStarStories.

#6 – Take Pleasure in Pinning
If you’re not a wordy person and want to visualize your progress, set up a Pinterest Board as one of your rewards! Because it’s fun to search for images, often a “quick five minutes” on Pinterest can become an hour. So tell yourself NO PINTEREST until you’ve reached a goal and then hunker down with a cozy cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and pin like crazy. You can make your board private or public, upload pictures of yourself and find inspirational quotes and images. A vision board is a great motivational tool so this reward will also help keep you inspired to reach your goals! Check out all the goodness we have on our Pinterest Boards for “pinspiration”.

#7 – Indulge in a Movie Marathon
Some of us really struggle with getting off our backsides to workout, so why not make one of your rewards a special date on the sofa? Tell yourself that if you complete all your FitStar sessions, or eat well all week, or hit your target weight, you’ll get to watch a few of your favorite movies. No need to spend a bunch of cash and hit the theaters; with Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu you can stream a bunch of titles easily and economically. Just make sure you prepare healthy snacks to munch during your moviefest. Here are some great tips for snacking smart while watching something fun!

#8 – Pay to be Pampered
Looking to Go Big on your rewards? Why not plan a day of pampering once you hit a major milestone? Getting a massage, pedicure, a new haircut, and other professional grooming services will add to your blooming confidence. It feels good to take care of ourselves through fitness and it can sometimes feel even more awesome to get pampered by a pro as a reward!

#9 – Refresh Your Wardrobe
If you’ve been working hard and hitting your goals consistently you may notice that your clothes aren’t fitting the way they used to. When your shirts are too tight because of your ripped physique or your pants are too baggy because of dropping some pounds, it’s time to go shopping. Save up and plan to spend a little more on yourself when you’re ready to reboot your wardrobe.

#10 – Hit the Town
Take your fine self out and paint the town red! Enlist your spouse or friend(s) and plan an evening out to celebrate the New You. Go bowling, go dancing, go to the movies, or go out to dinner. Or do all of that! Just pick something really fun, get a babysitter, and take a lot of shameless selfies. You’ve worked hard to get here so document your success and enjoy a special night out!

#11 – Get New Gear
One of our favorite ways to celebrate a milestone is buying some new equipment to keep us moving. Whether it’s workout attire (are we the only ones who keep coveting new kicks?) or one of our FitStar All Equipment Packs, adding awesome tools that will enhance your workouts is a great way to celebrate success!

#12 – Aaaaaaaand Shameless Plug
Give yourself the gift of FitStar Premium! Did you know that a year of FitStar Premium costs less than a two month membership to a gym? A year of FitStar Personal Trainer Premium or FitStar Yoga Premium even costs less than one session with personal trainer at a gym! If you haven’t upgraded yet, we think rewarding yourself by unlocking unlimited personalized FitStar sessions and all our handcrafted Freestyle sessions is the way to go! The numerous moves and workouts will keep you motivated and will help you hit your goals.

For more ideas on how to reward yourself for hitting your fitness goals without undermining your hard work, check out this list of 50 Non-Food Rewards for Fitness and Weight Loss from SparkPeople.

How do you celebrate your success? Tell us in the comments below!

Make it Happen,
– Team FitStar