Hearing from Fitstars like you is one of the best parts of our day-to-day. Learning more about your goals and how you stay motivated keeps us energized. Each month, our curriculum team uses some of that energy to create unique workouts that will keep fitness fresh and help you stay on track towards success. Whether you get fit with Fitstar Personal Trainer or Fitstar Yoga, these new workouts will motivate you to focus on your goals, and Make It Happen.

We get lots of requests for exercises that strengthen the core and isolate abdominal muscles, so this month we’re all about abs. Tone, tighten, and test your midsection’s mettle with ABSolute Core, the latest Premium Freestyle workout from Fitstar Personal Trainer. In just 30 minutes, this focused workout will hit your core from all angles, and have you working up a sweat. To begin, loosen up with new moves such as the world’s greatest stretch (yep, it’s that good), hip hurdles, and seal jacks. A solid combo of cardio and core work will keep you moving, and your muscles firing. Challenge yourself and keep your abs engaged during sets of plank jacks, mountain climber hops, and base pogo. You know it’s a killer workout when dead bug hold and boat pose serve as the breath-catching breaks. ABSoluteCore will push you to put in your best work, and will deliver awesome midsection results. Check it out now in Fitstar Personal Trainer. Need to level up to Premium? Unlock it now.

If your personal fitness goals are less about abs and more about building better balance, our new Premium Freestyle workout from Fitstar Yoga is for you. Check out Balance ‘n’ Act, a 43-minute routine full of flowing sequences and steady, focused poses. Find your breath on the mat as you stretch every inch of your body – starting low with seated poses, including hero variations, to vinyasas and down dog. Stay low on your feet with lunges, scissor fold, and scorpion dog; work your way up to mountain and tree poses. Stretch, reaching up, and breathe into triangle and half moon variations; prepare to challenge yourself as you fold into crow from garland. A series of supine poses complete this workout – and we know happy baby will feel great as you wind down. This is the sequence that will help you slow down, and focus on finding your balance, while controlling your breath. Give Balance ‘n’ Act a try today, with your Premium membership to Fitstar Yoga. Have you been waiting to unlock the Premium experience? Do it now – and take your fitness goals to the next level.

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar