1612_December Freestyle_blog

As 2016 winds down, we hope you’re enjoying a holiday season spent with friends and family. We’ve had a full, fantastic year – thank you for being a part of it. Our gift to you is sure to be a perfect fit – today we are releasing two FREE Freestyle workouts!

Are you ready to get after your goals in 2017? These new workouts will start you off on the right foot! FitStar Personal Trainer will get you moving with Mountain Cross, and FitStar Yoga will find you flexibly fit with Light and Limber. Both of these fresh Freestyles are unlocked and ready for you, whether you have a Premium or Basic FitStar account.

Mountain Cross is an action-packed cross-training session from FitStar Personal Trainer that puts your muscles to work. This 32-minute workout will get you ready for any mountain-sports, whether you’re slaloming down the slopes this winter, or trekking to the top. Tackle moves like burpee jump tucks, Warrior 3 kickouts, and – of course – mountain climber twists, to build strength and stamina all season long. Mountain Cross is a great workout to complement your favorite winter sports activities, and stands alone as a stellar total-body workout for any FitStar. Get moving with Mountain Cross today, and add it to your routine so you can get after your goals in 2017!

Speaking of charging ahead towards your fitness goals – move into the new year more flexible and focused than ever. The latest Freestyle session from FitStar Yoga, Light and Limber, delivers a 40-minute workout that will loosen and limber your lower half. Create space to move with this brand-new series that stretches and strengthens your muscles. You’ll start with a sequence of seated poses, then move to all fours for poses like cat & cow, and thread the needle, before standing tall in mountain and standing pigeon poses. Light and Limber is a great workout to reset your body and mind before 2017 begins, so get started now!

We hope you’re taking time to relax and unwind with friends and family. But when you’re ready to jump-start 2017, fire up FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga to try out these new Freestyle workouts.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!
– Team FitStar