Summer is winding down and Fitstars everywhere are getting back to business. With autumn on the horizon, now’s a great time to reflect back on the season of sunshine. Whether you made progress over the last few months, or are becoming acutely aware of exactly how many ice cream cones you enjoyed, we’ve got workouts that will help you see results. In fact, our brand-new Freestyle sessions promise to take anyone’s core-focused fitness goals to the next level.

If you had more summer sundaes than summer Sundays, we’ve got the perfect workouts for you.

Have you ever wanted to tighten-up your trunk? Now’s your chance. Introducing: Mighty Middle – a new, Premium Freestyle workout in Fitstar Personal Trainer. While there are many targeted moves that focus on your abs and obliques, Mighty Middle is a 24-minute workout that kicks off with cardio. Get your blood pumping with jumping jacks and seal jacks, then dive right into core-centric moves like alternating bird dogs, sole situps, and candlesticks. Your back will get some extra love, too, with face down back extensions, and superman swimmers. And what’s a midsection workout without planks? We packed in four different variations to keep those muscles engaged; tackle plank twists, back plank kicks, forearm plank, and plank jacks. If you want more for your core, try out Mighty Middle today, found in the Freestyle section of Fitstar Personal Trainer. Need to level up to Premium to #makeithappen? Get started here.

Want to maximize your midsection muscles, without leaving your yoga mat? Check out Mindful Middle, the brand-new, Premium Freestyle workout in Fitstar Yoga. This focused, 30-minute practice delivers poses to strengthen your core, while also bringing more balance to your body. Ease into Mindful Middle with a series of seated poses, including seated hero, and hero with archer arms. Glide through vinyasas and down dog poses, before challenging yourself through chaturanga variations. More plank and lunge variation sequences will help you hone your balance, while also tightening your abdominal muscles. For example, after you breathe into runner’s lunge, go deeper by adding a twist. Feel your abs tighten in boat pose, then focus on your breath as you sit for shin hugs and butterfly. Mindful Middle will get your core stronger and keep you stable on your feet. Try it out today in Fitstar Yoga. Need a Premium membership? Level up now.

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar