We’re deep in the heart of summer, and if you’re anything like the Fitstar Team, you’ve been making time to stand in the sand, and watch the waves. Swimming and surfing are excellent sources of exercise, but if you want to get in even better shape before you break out your boardshorts and bathing suits, we have a secret weapon to share with you: Freestyle workouts.

We know you’ve been working hard on your Fitstar Personal Trainer and Fitstar Yoga customized sessions, but don’t miss out on fresh and fun routines that will get you to your goals. Remember: Freestyle workouts are a great way to mix up your moves and get a little variety in your workout. We have free options everyone with a Fitstar Personal Trainer or Fitstar Yoga account can enjoy, as well as special sessions that your Premium access can unlock. Just remember that since these routines are made for the masses, the workouts are not customized to your fitness level. Take it easy and don’t push yourself too hard until you’re familiar with the workout.

Get beach-ready with these two Freestyle workouts from Fitstar Personal Trainer. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll get killer workout and ready to hit the waves.

#1 – Warm It Up
Perfect for all fitness levels, this 10-minute session features knee raises, jumping jacks, and multiple stretches. It is the perfect start to your beach-ready workout.

#2 – 7-Minute Workout
We won’t lie, this is an intense routine. That said, if you’re only going to give yourself seven minutes to work out, you better make each minute count. Get your heart pumping with push-ups, squats, bench-dips, and more.

Want to add extra impact to your workout? Check out the Beach Booty Freestyle session! In a special 22-minute session, your legs and glutes will get some extra attention, while your core and arms do serious work, too. Or, do more for your core and hit 10-Minute Abs, also available in Fitstar Personal Trainer Premium. We call this a “stomach shredding session” for a reason; these 10 minutes are no joke for your core! With lots of bicycle kicks and plank work, your body will be ready to take a break beachside once complete.

If you’re more a yogi, we have lots of options to flex and stretch your way into awesome shape. Try these three Freestyle workouts from Fitstar Yoga,  and your summer will go just swimmingly.

#1 – Easy Flow
Summertime and the livin’ is Easy Flow! Get your body moving and feel the flow with this simple series for flexibility and strength. Blending seated poses, down dogs, and many more familiar moves – you’ll feel great and ready for summer with this 13-minute session.

#2 – Happy Hips
Summer is the happiest season of all and we want your hips to join the party. Relieve tight muscles as well as lower back pain with this 30-minute series of psoas stretches, twists, and hip openers. Now, that’s something to smile about!

#3 – Hold Strong
Set yourself up for sweaty success with these killer moves! With this 34-minute session, you’ll strengthen your practice with a total-body series of muscle-bolstering moves.

With these Fitstar Yoga Freestyle workouts at your fingertips we know you’ll be in a great shape this summer. We’ll see you in the sand!

Keep Moving,
– Team FitStar

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