Experts are saying a brutal winter lies ahead for much of the world, and storms are expected to drop snow, ice, and rain essentially every week. FitStars with a penchant for outdoor fitness are likely going to get antsy to hit the trails, or get on the bike, and put in some miles. The weather outside might be rough, but if you have FitStar Personal Trainer then you’ve got access to a few workouts that will get you ready to go as soon as the sun’s out.

Running #1 – Race Day Ready
Whether you’re training for a big race or awaiting your next routine run, you can prep your muscles for the miles ahead with Race Day Ready. This Freestyle session gets you moving, and helps you hone stability while you work on your overall fitness. Exercises like reverse shoulder rolls open your shoulders and upper back, while side lunge knee raises and squat walks add variety for full motion development. We’ve added in bicycle kicks and mountain climber twists, too, to recruit your abs and obliques. We can’t leave your core out of the fun, can we? Since runners already get lots of cardio we’re changing it up; get your heart pumping with shadow boxing, star crawls, and star skaters. When you’re taking a day off from a long distance run but want to be active, check out Race Day Ready for a great 24-minute cross-training Freestyle session that’s FREE!

Running #2 – Strava 26.2
Marathon, race, and fun run training happen year-round, and we know it can be tough to balance day-to-day demands and holiday events on top of your training commitments. To help out, we partnered with Strava to create Strava 26.2 – a FREE 26-minute Freestyle session to get you moving on your off days while building key muscles to help you hit that next race day PR (personal record). Plus, a little strength training can prevent injury long-term, keeping you out on the road and trails, working towards your goals. Strava 26.2 features moves like alternating knee raises to warm up those legs, warrior 3 kickouts to strengthen your stability, Heisman lunges to build your balance, and burpee jump tucks to make you sweat and get your heart racing (racing. HA!).

Cycling – Strava Core Challenge
This 20-minute FREE Freestyle session was made with cyclists in mind – and for any level. One thing is for sure: it will prepare you to tear up the pavement or trail! Whether you’re a climber or a sprinter, the Strava Core Challenge will get you ready to ride with a high intensity workout that’s all about explosiveness and power. From tuck jumps to burpees to star skaters and jump lunges, this session features some of our toughest cardio, core, and leg moves to get your heart racing, core tight, and legs and glutes burning. Perfect for a rainy day off the road, Strava Core Challenge will keep your training on fire.

Skiing – Alpine Blitz
The good thing about these winter storms is that we can assume the skiing will be killer this year. Alpine Blitz is a 17-minute session that focuses on legs, core, cardio, and overall balance and stability so you’ll be ready to hit the slopes! The moves in Alpine Blitz, like jump lunges and star skaters, have you covered from the lifts to the moguls. In the midst of winter, Alpine Blitz will get your heart pumping! Unlock this Freestyle session when you level up to FitStar Personal Trainer Premium.

What’s your favorite way to work out in the winter? Share your plans in the comments below!

Keep Moving,
– Team FitStar