Summer is nearly here and Fitstars everywhere are shaping up for their fittest season yet! We get lots of requests for exercises that strengthen the core and isolate abdominal muscles, and to help you prep for your day(s) in the sun, we’ve rounded-up a few favorite workouts so you can carve that core.

Remember – a solid core’s good for more than just looking great in your swimsuit (or your latest selfie). Strong abs, obliques, and lower back muscles are also core to overall body fitness (see what we did there?). Every athletic movement benefits from these foundational muscles – from burpees to pushups in your favorite Fitstar workout, to running, swinging a golf club, or perfecting your dolphin pose in your other fit-focused pastimes. Getting your core nice and strong is an ABSolutely awesome goal when working on your fitness.

Ready to tackle those midsection muscles? Here are four core workouts that will tone and tighten your body for summertime fun.

#1 – Core Crush
Core Crush is a challenging 15-minute workout that really tests your core. This session will totally get you moving; no passive workout here! You’ll be feeling it with moves like reverse crunches, bicycle kicks, mountain climber twists, and Spidermans. Go ahead and get started now if you like your core, but especially if you, you know, LIKE like your core.

#2 – ABSolute Core
All about abs? Tone, tighten, and test your midsection’s mettle with ABSolute Core! In just 30 minutes, this focused workout will hit your core from all angles, and have you working up a sweat. To begin, loosen up with new moves such as the world’s greatest stretch (yep, it’s that good), hip hurdles, and seal jacks. A solid combo of cardio and core work will keep you moving, and your muscles firing. Challenge yourself and keep your abs engaged during sets of plank jacks, mountain climber hops, and base pogo. You know it’s a killer workout when dead bug hold and boat pose serve as the breath-catching breaks. ABSoluteCore will push you to put in your best work, and will deliver awesome midsection results.

#3 – Sore Core
Sore Core is a high-energy, 20-minute workout that will really get you moving. Plus, we think you’ll get a kick out of it – literally. This sweat sesh dives right in with butt kicks, bicycle kicks, and back plank kicks. Feel like the superhero of summer with moves like the one-armed Spidermans, and Superman swims. And just in case the title of the session isn’t clear enough, please note: this not a passive ab workout – you’ll be feeling it with hip hop mountain climbers and Russian twists, too. The bottom line is that Sore Core will strengthen your abs, obliques, and lower back. It delivers results – you just gotta give us 20 minutes of your time to Make It Happen.

#4 – 10-Minute Abs
We call 10-Minute Abs a “stomach shredding session” for a reason; this workout is no joke for your core! With nine unique moves across ten minutes, this quick and effective midsection-molding session serves as a great complement to your regular fitness regime. While the Superman planks into side planks into windshield wipers is our favorite series in the routine, closing things out with an intense thirty seconds of mountain climbers is a close second on the stomach-shredding scale! Trust us, your body will be ready to take a break in the sunshine once complete.

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What are your core goals this season? Tell us in the comments below.

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar

  • Robert Long

    Not everyone can do these. You need beginner programs too.