Starting in June 2015, we’ll share a #FitStarFact with you to help shine some light on cool and interesting features in FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga. If you have an idea for a topic please tell us in the comments below. Now, check out #FitStarFact #2 to learn about connecting your FitStar account to wearables, fitness trackers and social accounts!

We created FitStar because we believed fitness and technology to be a perfect pairing. Wearable technology, wifi-enabled body scales, fitness trackers – the internet of things is only getting bigger and FitStar is at the heart of it all. Helping you gather, access and interact with all of your own data, with all of the best devices and services, is our #FitStarFact #2.

#FitStarFact #2
How to Pair Devices and Services

In the two years that we’ve been with you on your fitness journey, we’ve partnered with other products and services to enhance your experience and help you reach your goals. The more connected you are, the more data you will have to track your healthy lifestyle and evolution. Did you know you can get connected and sync your FitStar account to Fitbit, UP by Jawbone, Apple Health, Nike+, MyFitnessPal and a variety of social networks? Check it out!

The next big thing in fitness technology is here and it’s on your body. Wearables are popular because they can really help you stay on track, giving you your fitness data in real time – and they are a perfect fit for FitStars! As you know, FitStar joined the Fitbit family earlier this year so we could maximize the connection between fitness and technology, offering our users a unique and top-quality experience. This partnership means FitStar members will be able to seamlessly publish their FitStar workouts into Fitbit to see how their personal training or yoga practice can help them hit their healthy goals. See these simple steps to sync your FitStar account to your Fitbit.

UP by Jawbone
We know many FitStars love the instant gratification and motivation they get from their wearable health and fitness trackers – and there are quite a few devices to choose from. We partnered with UP by Jawbone and created a seamless connection for FitStars rocking these wearables. Check out this post for the details on how to sync your FitStar account to your Jawbone device.

Tracking your fuel is just as important as working on your fitness. If you have a MyFitnessPal account and connect it to your FitStar account, your FitStar sessions and the calories burned during those workouts will show up in the MyFitnessPal news feed as well as in the Diary. FitStar, in turn, will use the MyFitnessPal weight as the weight of record in the FitStar profile information. Check out this quick walkthrough on how to connect your two accounts.

Apple Health App
Did you know FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga are optimized to seamlessly track your workouts and calories burned into an easy-to-read dashboard on the Health app? Learn more, plus how to easily sync with the Health app here.

Nike+ and Nike Fuel App
Calling all Nike+ athletes: earn NikeFuel by doing your favorite workouts in FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga! This pairing means during either FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga Program and Freestyle sessions it will show you how much Fuel you’re burning and give a final tally at the end. Additionally, you’ll gain insights around how this activity contributes to achieving your NikeFuel Daily Goal. To easily connect your FitStar account with NIke+, go to Menu > Settings > Services. Get more details here.

Twitter and Facebook
If you love tweeting or posting your status, then you can also boast post after completing each workout! Many FitStars use sharing their workout status on Facebook and Twitter to motivate themselves and their friends who are part of their fitness journey. Here’s how to connect to your social accounts:
1. Go into the menu of your FitStar app to “Settings, and then tap “Services.”
2. Tap “Connected” next to Facebook or Twitter – at this point you will be taken to Facebook or Twitter to give final connection approval.
3. Start sharing your FitStar success and motivating your friends!

We believe every connection you make is another great step forward on your path to living a healthy life. We hope you enjoy being able to plug in all your data and track it across the platforms you know and love! If you ever have any questions, please contact our support team at

Tell us which connections help keep you moving in the comments below!

Make it Happen,
– Team FitStar

  • BillLion

    You offer this hyperlink but the link does NOT have steps: ” See these simple steps to sync your FitStar account to your Fitbit”

    • FitStar

      Hi Bill, you’ll want to click the FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga link on this page and it shows these steps. Hope this helps!

      To connect FitStar Personal Trainer and FitStar Yoga to another app, complete the steps below. FitStar Yoga is not available on Android devices.

      Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen and tap Settings.

      Go to Services.

      Choose the apps with which you want to connect.

  • Bobby

    how to change time on fit star.Went to another time zone and it changed perfectly…Doesn’t change back

    • FitStar

      HI Bobby, this sounds like a timezone issue on your phone or device. We don’t have a setting within FitStar that changes timezone. You may want to check your general phone or device settings to see if you can reset it manually. Hope that helps!

  • Shanna Scarboro

    I registered for FitStar using my FitBit login, however now I’m wondering if I should only connect to MyFitnessPal to avoid duplicate workouts being tracked? I cannot toggle the FitBit connection off.

  • Hilton Dyck

    On my fitbit blaze on the fitstar app it only shows 3 workouts how can I add more workouts from fitstar on my fitbit blaze?

  • Sarah

    Hi I’m having trouble signing into fitstar with my Fitbit account. I click the Fitbit option and a webpage “loads” but stays white. I can’t do anything. I’ve deleted and down loaded the apps again but the same thing is happening. Help!

    • Elle Sarah

      same thing is happening with me – did you ever get a resolution to this?

    • Miranda Voller

      Same thing is happening with mine! Except it says there was an error and that they were sorry. Obviously not if it is still not fixed…

  • darkyjonj

    I’m going CRAZY! I’m sure I was just on the Fitbit app and found a menu titled “Services” and I linked my Nike+ and Fitstar accounts. But now I can;t find it anywhere on the app to link MyFitnessPro. I’ve been searching through all the menus for an hour – not doing my fitness workout :( …. HELP!!!

  • Francis Adanza

    I discovered this app called trovey: – it allows me to connect MFP, FitBit, as well as my medical records into one central app, giving me a holistic view of my health.

    I haven’t tried to connect other apps to it yet, but I think it connects to any tracker or health app.