We believe Apple’s new Health app, and the data it brings together, is an important step toward bringing digital fitness and health experiences to a broader audience. It allows health and fitness apps to integrate the data they track more seamlessly to provide you with a clearer picture of your wellness. And now, we’ve launched an optimized version of FitStar Personal Trainer that integrates with the Health app.

With our new iOS 8.0.2 update, FitStar Personal Trainer now seamlessly tracks your calories burned and syncs health and fitness data into an easy-to-read dashboard on the Health app. This integration also allows FitStar Personal Trainer to build more customized workouts, as well as gives you a broader view of your health. This is just the beginning and we’ll continue to add new features to take advantage of all that the Health app has to offer.

So, what does this mean for you? At FitStar, we believe getting a great workout should be easy. Our goal is to always give you the best possible Session, so you can focus less on the data, and more on enjoying your exercise experience. The more we know about your activity outside FitStar, the better we can tailor your time with us. The new Health app makes it easy for you to decide what data to share and, importantly, not to share with us. Over time, we’ll get better and better at understanding how FitStar fits into your routine and how we can make the most effective and enjoyable use of your time with us. Imagine if down the line we could take into account all your physical activity via Health app, so for example, if you just did a long run, your next Session would automatically give you an upper body workout, instead of legs or cardio. That would be pretty cool, eh?

Haven’t synced FitStar with Apple’s Health app yet? It’s easy, here’s how:

-Download the latest version of FitStar.

-Download the latest Apple update which is 8.0.2. If your Apple device didn’t automatically prompt you, you can do the update manually by going into your device Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Install Now. It helps to be plugged in and charging when you do the Software Update.

-Launch FitStar, you’ll be prompted to connect with Health app and you’ll see a pop up to enable Health data.


Better Health app

-Click “Okay” and it will show a screen where you decide which specific pieces of health data FitStar is allowed to sync (see image above).

-You’ll want to select “Write” and “Read” data (so that your FitStar data feeds into the Health app and so that we can pull out your other fitness data).

-You’re done! You’ve now added your FitStar data into the Health app data and vice versa.

-If at any point you change your mind, you can always adjust your Health app settings under the “Sources” tab (see image below).


health app sources


One important note: The Health app is currently only accessible on the iPhone. When you launch FitStar on your iPhone, we’ll automatically sync all your FitStar activity, regardless of which device you used – depending on your preferences, of course.

Again, this is just the beginning of our work to improve your experience by integrating with Health app, but we’d love to hear your early thoughts below once you’ve had a chance to check it out.

Keep Moving!

– Team FitStar

  • LudoMC

    I’m doing my sessions on my iPad and checking the Health data on the iPhone (as it’s only there as you said).
    While my active calories are updated, the workouts category and data are not present.
    Do I have to manually create the workout category (how?) or is there an issue?


    • FitStar

      Hi LudoMC – we know there have been some issues with syncing to the Health app and are actively trying to fix this with Apple. Below are some steps to make sure you’ve set it up properly. We appreciate your patience and thanks for being a true FitStar!

      • LudoMC

        Still not working with your updated app and iOS 8.1 for the Workout part in Health. Followed the configuration steps but still no luck. Should this be fixed by this update or it this planned for a future one? Thx

        • FitStar

          Thanks for reaching out again and we’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems. Our development team is currently aware of an issue syncing data between the Health app and FitStar. We are rolling out a solution to address this so that any subsequent workouts will be synced and logged correctly. This means it should be automatically fixed for you within a week or so.

          If you’re still experiencing this problem by next Friday, please let us know. We appreciate your patience!

          • LudoMC

            Still no Workout category in Health after several Fridays.
            Is it normal or do I have to do something special? Thanks and Happy Holidays Season to everyone!

          • FitStar

            Email us at and we’ll work this out with you directly. Probably easier that way. Happy Holidays to you as well!

  • seknav

    I’m having a similar issue except that I cannot even see my calories burned yet. I have not had a session since upgrading my phone and Fitstar.

  • mat

    Same issue as LudoMC, I m doing all of my sessions on my iPad mini IOS 8.1 with latest version of Fitstar.
    On iPhone with IOS 8.1, all of my datas were imported on Fitstar but I don’t see any of calories burned on Health app.
    I set up Fitstar and Health app like as recommended.
    Is Health app can import the data from the beginning (i started Fitstar in August).

    Thanks for your reply.

    • FitStar

      Hey Mat – thanks for reaching out. The Apple Health app is only currently available for iPhone, but if you do the workouts on your iPad, and then open up FitStar on your iPhone, then what you did on your iPad should sync up with your iPhone and the Health app. If you’re still running into issues, email us at and we can look into your account. Keep up the great work!

  • Heikki

    i have same problem. Now tree month time no sync.
    Is there coming fix and if it coming then my question is when?

    • FitStar

      Hey Heikki –

      Thanks for reaching out! If you’re using an iPad, you’ll need to launch FitStar Personal Trainer or Yoga on an iPhone in order to sync the data between your FitStar account and the iOS Health app.

      If you’re using an iPhone, one workaround is to delete and reinstall the app to refresh the connection. To reconnect when you’ve reinstalled, just tap the icon in the upper left hand corner of the home screen, then “Settings” > “Services” > “Connect” at the bottom.

      If neither of these options work for you, please shoot us a message at


  • Heikki

    BIG thanks! Now it works. :)

    • FitStar

      You’re welcome! Feel free to contact us at if you ever need anything!

  • Owen

    I have a jabra pulse. Would it auto sync heart rate data whenever i use fitstar?

  • Ryan Bonnici

    Based on these permissions, it doesn’t look like FitStar accesses my heart rate data from my Apple Watch for the time I did the workout. That would me a lot of sense, so as to give more accurate energy #s. Is this feature currently active, or if not, in the future product road map? Thanks in advance!

  • Thomas Schoenfeld

    I agree that FitStar does not appear to collect continuous heart rate data in the way that the native Apple Watch Activity app does when you start a workout such as Outdoor Run or Stair Stepper. However, once FitStar is installed as a source for Health data, it does create distinct workouts each time you complete an exercise routine in FitStar. (As a previous Fitbit Surge user, I was used to these getting created seamlessly. Not surprising, now that FitBit owns FitStar.) These are viewable in the Activity and Health apps, plus in others such as HeartWatch and Cardiogram that draw on raw data coming into Health. So, all you need to do is set up a way to get the HR data recorded. I found an easy way to do this on the Watch is to start continuous recording of HR in the Cardiogram app. I have set this as a complication in one corner of the Watch. This results in a continuous sampling of HR throughout the FitStar activity comparable to what I have found using any of the built-in Activity choices on the Watch. Moreover, this ensures that an appropriate level of caloric expenditure and time will be credited to your daily Activity tally for Move and Exercise, respectively. So far, I’m pretty happy with the result.