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We know a lot of our FitStars use wearable devices because they can help keep you on track and give you that extra push you need to stay committed to your fitness goals. Starting this week, we’ve added a tile to the Home Screen within FitStar Personal Trainer that makes it even easier to connect FitStar with your UP by Jawbone. Just click the in-app tile and follow the simple instructions. Once you connect the two, your FitStar workouts start appearing in the UP app feed so you can further share your progress and help motivate others!

Don’t see the tile within FitStar Personal Trainer? You can also connect FitStar to any UP devices by going to and click “Settings” then “Services.”

In addition to a seamless connection between FitStar and UP, you’ll also see FitStar Personal Trainer within the brand-new Jawbone Marketplace. This Jawbone Marketplace allows users to explore the apps, devices and integrations that connect with the UP devices spanning categories across Fitness, Sleep, Food, Lifestyle, Smart Home and more. We’re delighted that FitStar Personal Trainer is one of 10 Best-in-Class apps they’ve highlighted!

Have you connected your UP by Jawbone to FitStar? How has it helped you?

Keep Moving!

– Team FitStar