Even with Tony Gonzalez off the field and into the broadcast booth, we’re getting ready for the gridiron once more as the NFL season kicks off in full this weekend. This means a minimum of 16 weekends for many of us to overindulge in chips and dip, burgers on the BBQ – and let’s be honest – a little too much couch time. At FitStar, we advocate a healthy lifestyle, but we certainly understand the need to indulge every now and then.

With indulgence, however, comes the need for balance. That’s why we’ve launched the FitStar Football Kick-off Contest. We want to give you extra incentive to get in pre-Sunday shape, so for each FitStar Session you complete between September 7 – October 5, you’ll be automatically entered into our drawing for the Ultimate Prize Pack! The more you workout, the better your chances to win. Plus, anyone who completes 10 Sessions throughout the four weeks will unlock a special badge.

Our Ultimate Prize Pack is loaded with goodies to help keep you fit this football season. One lucky FitStar will win a brand new iPad, Apple TV, signed football by Tony Gonzalezone year access to FitStar Premium, FitStar t-shirt and Nike Shoes!


FitStar Football Kick-off Contest Details:

Who: Open to all FitStars

What: Each Session completed during the contest dates automatically enters you to win our Ultimate Prize Pack. A maximum of one Session per day, per person will be entered into our drawing

Where: Complete Freestyle or Program Sessions within the FitStar App

When: September 7 – October 5, 2014

Why: To keep you moving this football season!

So whether you bleed the red and gold of the San Francisco 49ers, back the Pack(ers), or fly in formation with the Atlanta Falcons, start paying it forward with FitStar. Get your Sessions in now so that every Sunday can be guilt-free football watching.

Keep Moving!

– Team FitStar

  • Nana

    It’s be fantastic to win :) I hope this giveaway is applicable to UK FITSTARS too

    • FitStar

      The contest is open to all FitStars worldwide. :)

  • Kristy Olney

    Do we need to share our sessions somewhere to enter?

    • FitStar

      Kristy, your Sessions are automatically entered into our drawing (we keep track on the back end). But please feel free to share the contest and encourage more people to join in! :)

  • Jahangir Kabircmc

    Yes I love it and already started lol…

    • FitStar

      Excellent, keep it up!

  • Blake

    Love the contest! Thank you FitStar

    • FitStar

      You’re welcome, we hope it provides some extra encouragement to workout!

  • Paulius Bieliauskas

    Thats nice and motivating programe be healthier we will give gifts:) nice fitstar even if its not worldwide

    • FitStar

      That’s exactly why we wanted to run this contest. :) And yes, it’s open to all FitStars worldwide.

  • Angel L. Perez

    Thank you FitStar for coming up with this contest and challenges ideas, to keep us motivated, inspired and active. As the name of our FB support group (#TeamAwesome) implies, it is simply Awesome that you guys give us this bonus opportunities, to help keep our personal commitments and to excel in our personal challenges.

  • Maddie Rudder

    I would love to win that for my dad… I hope Australians still have a chance to win?!

    • FitStar

      Yes, it’s open to FitStars worldwide. Good luck!

  • Rahn Khorey Phillips

    This is quite an awesome promotion I hope I can win I’m gonna work extra hard !! The workouts on fitstar are fun easy and inspiring thanks a lot !!!

    • FitStar

      Glad to hear, keep it up!

  • Ludgate

    Halfway to that badge. :)
    The apple tv and shoes would come in really handy too.

  • Leeds

    Will I take part in the contest in case I’ve just joined?:)

    • FitStar

      Yes, every Session you do between September 7 – October 5 will count as an entry to our contest. There is a limit for one entry per day, per person. Good luck!

  • derek jennings

    This would be awesome!

  • Joe

    So I am only have one workout a day for the prize?

    • FitStar

      The contest has ended and we’ll announce a winner shortly. But people could get up to one entry per day by completing Program or FreeStyle Sessions. Good luck!

  • R

    How do we know who won? Im
    Excited to know!

    • FitStar

      We will announce a winner this weekend! We’re excited to know too. :)

  • Sosa Chamberlin (Nardwuar)

    i know im kinda late but what shoes are those?