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It’s no secret that one of the main keys to a healthy life is to Keep Moving and exercise, but eating right is also critical. Our friends over at Clif Bar have some great information and ideas about how to make sure your body is getting the right #FitFuel before, during and after a workout. Clif Bar Registered Dietitian Tara DelloIacono Theis shared this awesome infographic which really helps outline what we should be eating in order to keep our active bodies well-nourished.

Here are some highlights!

“Carbohydrates are generally the body’s preferred fuel source for moderate to high intensity exercise.”

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There’s been a lot of talk recently about carbohydrates and we know some folks are a little concerned about overindulging, but the truth is, a healthy pre-workout meal is based on healthy carbs. In addition to making sure you drink enough fluid to stay hydrated, plan a pre-game meal that is packed with energy boosting carbs so your body can perform at its peak. For best results, enjoy your meal a few hours prior to training or competing. Since carbs are often the easiest foods to digest, you don’t have to worry about working out on a full stomach; just know you’ll be working out on a full tank.

“Carbohydrates replenish energy stores and protein helps muscles recover.”

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Think about your bank account. You need to put money in to have cash to take out, right? And after you’ve made a withdrawal, you need another deposit in order for everything to run smoothly. Filling your body with #FitFuel in order to exercise follows the same kind of logic. Once you’ve pushed yourself and burned through all that healthy fuel, you need to refill the tank. Carbs are important to give you energy and protein is critical to help your muscles repair and recover. It’s best to have a meal or solid snack within an hour of a hard workout in order for the best results. Don’t forget to sip water, too, as hydration is always a key to feeling your best.

For more #FitFuel tips for before, during and after exercise, check out the whole infographic here.

Do you have a favorite food you use to fuel up after working out hard? Tell us in the comments below!

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This infographic is provided by Tara Dellolacono Theis, a Clif Bar dietitian.

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