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It’s a stellar season to go all-out on your athletic journey – are you ready to test your mettle? Whether you’ve been training for an event or race, or just started to double-down on your health and fitness, we’ve got a brand new workout that will make you feel like a winner.

This August, fire up your muscles and torch calories with our latest Freestyle session; introducing 2016 Summer Gains. This 30-minute workout from FitStar Personal Trainer is packed with moves mastered and inspired by athletes everywhere. Channel the champs and accomplish an assortment of drills that build strength and stamina. Go for your goals and push through the Heisman lunges, clapping pushups, and burpee jump tucks. Complete the dive bombers, superman swims, and handstands, and you’ll be golden. Now’s your chance to get those 2016 Summer Gains, but you have to commit to a little hard work in order to win the medal.

Summer Gains_Badge

Speaking of medal, did we mention the extra motivation to work out like a winner this month? We believe all FitStars are champions, but those who put in the time, earn the shine; tackle this total-body routine and you’ll unlock a shiny new badge throughout the month of August. Since 2016 Summer Gains is a FREE Freestyle session from FitStar Personal Trainer, everyone can take home the win and unlock the gold. All it takes is 30 minutes and space to sweat, so go for it – let the summer gains begin! Team FitStar is rooting for you.

Make It Happen,
– Team FitStar