We’ve all heard about superfoods, and how eating more nutrient-dense food is better for our total-body health and wellbeing. This month, we’re honing in on our hearts, and making sure we’re showing them some love.

It turns out, the way to our own hearts is quite literally through our stomachs; it’s best to feed our hearts with special #FitFuel in order to keep those beats strong. We love this list of heart-healthy superfoods from Health.com which showcases items you can add to your meals to boost nutritional value. Below are the 18 superfoods Health.com highlights, plus some ways Team Fitstar incorporates them into our meals. We hope this gives you some good ideas about how to make your heart happy and healthy. Check it out!

The Top 18 Superfoods For Your Heart

#1 – Salmon
To benefit from omega-3 fatty acids found in this fish, the American Heart Association recommends eating it twice a week. We love baked salmon and salmon tacos!

#2 – Oatmeal
The soluble fiber in oatmeal has been linked to lowering cholesterol. And, let’s be honest, now that we know about overnight oats, we want to eat oatmeal all the time.

 #3 – Blueberries
The antioxidants found in blueberries can lower blood pressure. And blueberries tend to make everything better – from coffee cake to smoothies.

 #4 – Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate may help blood pressure, clotting and inflammation. And it’s delicious, just aim for 60-70% cocoa to reap the benefits.

 #5 – Citrus Fruits
High in Vitamin C, and could lower the risk of stroke? Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes can be added into your diet in many tasty ways.

#6 – Soy
Studies have shown soy may lower blood pressure, and decrease LDL or “bad” cholesterol. Plus it’s very versatile so you can sneak in soy easily throughout the week.

 #7 – Potatoes
Rich in potassium, potatoes are good for you, as long as you don’t deep fry ‘em. Try them in latkes and salads for a healthy spin.

 #8 – Tomatoes
Tomatoes are also rich in potassium, can keep blood vessels open, and lower heart attack risks. Enjoy them in many different ways, like this baked version with quinoa and corn.

 #9 – Nuts
There’s a lot of fiber and other goodness packed into these bite-sized foods! Between nut butters and trail mix, it’s easy to enjoy this #FitFuel.

 #10 – Legumes
If you’re looking to lower your blood sugar, you might want to look into hummus and minestrone. Working more legumes into your diet could really help your heart!

 #11 – Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Reduce your cholesterol and blood sugar levels by using olive oil to cook some of your meals. We love to make our own dressings with it, too.

#12 – Red Wine
Small amounts of red wine have been known to benefit heart health. Just remember too much of a good thing, here, can be a bad thing. Please drink responsibly.

 #13 – Green Tea
Antioxidants found in green tea have been linked to reducing heart disease. If you aren’t drinking it already you might want to try a cup or two throughout the day.

 #14 – Super Greens
Spinach, kale, and broccoli – oh my! Everyone knows vegetables are good for you, but these greens in particular are packed with fiber, as well as antioxidants.

 #15 – Coffee
Some reports say drinking two or more cups of coffee a day could lower your chances of having a stroke. If you’re already enjoying a cup or two of coffee on the daily, you’re welcome to feel good about that choice.

 #16 – Flax Seeds
These teeny, tiny, and versatile seeds can be added to almost anything – smoothies, salads, granolas, and oatmeal are just some ideas. Sprinkle them on anything you want, and you’ll get a boost of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

 #17 – Avocado
Yes! You may confidently order guacamole. Avocados and olive oil have similar benefits, like healthy fats, and they can lower bad cholesterol.

 #18 – Pomegranates
These ruby red fruits might keep your arteries from hardening. Plus they make any salad or parfait look extra special, so enjoy all you want!

 Do you see any of your favorite foods on this list? How you do incorporate heart healthy foods into your lifestyle? Share your ideas in the comments below!

 Keep Moving,
- Team Fitstar

  • sherry

    A great way to incorporate several of the Heart Healthy Foods is to turn them into a power smoothie!!! Try combining Blueberries, oatmeal, soy milk, super greens, flax, avocado, pomegranates, ground chia and some orange zest…so refreshing and very filling!!!!

    • http://fitstar.com/ Fitstar

      Great idea, Sherry! We love smoothies, and you’re right – they making packing in Heart Healthy Superfoods easy! Yours sounds really tasty – we’ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing your recipe!