Does your lower half need a Leg Day? Looking to Arm Yourself with incredible biceps? Your Fitstar Personal Trainer workouts are customized to your current and desired fitness levels, and we hope you are getting great workouts every time you open the app. Still, you can always add a Freestyle session into the mix when you want to focus on a specific muscle group. Looking to double down on your leg or arm strength? Adding one or two of these workouts to your weekly routine could help you reach your goals faster.

Are you all about arms? Try these workouts:
Arm Yourself
Fitstars with a pull-up bar will push, pull, and sculpt upper-body muscles in just 20 minutes. Don’t worry, not all moves require special equipment – challenge yourself through the superman swimmers, pushups, and planks for an awesome arm workout.

The Armory
Fortify your biceps, triceps and core with this 25-minute workout designed with your upper-body in mind. Punch up your personal bests with moves like shadow boxing, hip hop mountain climbers, bench dips, and doorframe rows.

Shoulder Strong
Not technically an “arm-focused” session, but this is a fast and intense workout that will strengthen your upper body while getting your legs, cardio, and core going. Shape and strengthen your shoulders with a targeted session that’s less than 20 minutes.

Get great gams with these workouts:
Build a fantastic foundation for your fitness routine with Legtastic, a 25-minute Freestyle workout in Fitstar Personal Trainer. This butt-kicking workout with get your blood pumping between burpees and actual butt kicks.

Leg Day
You can’t spell Legendary without Leg Day – and that’s a fact. This 25-minute workout will blast calories and push your lower half to the max. Build a solid foundation with squat variations and strengthen your legs with multiple lunge moves.

Fresh up your fitness routine with Freestyle workouts that target specific muscle groups. Can’t access the workout you want? Level up to Fitstar Personal Trainer Premium and unlock all of them!

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar