Our FitStar of the week is Dave McDonagh from Toronto, Ontario. Dave decided to get serious about health and fitness so he quit smoking, educated himself on nutrition and found FitStar through MyFitnessPal. Dave embraced the fit anywhere attitude and has taken FitStar with him to four countries leading to a weight loss of 50 lbs!

Here are five facts you need to know about FitStar: Dave McDonagh.


1. How long have you been using FitStar and what Program do you use?

I’ve been using FitStar Personal Trainer since August 23, 2014 with the Get Lean Program and have been using FitStar Yoga since December 14, 2014 at the beginner level.

2. What is your FitStar story?

For a couple years, I wanted to do something about my health and fitness. About a year ago, though, I was finally pushed into action. It started because I realized I was always the sweatiest person around. On the bus, at the shopping mall, in the grocery store, wherever. I was always the sweatiest. At that point I knew my slothful lifestyle needed to change.

I identified three things to start with. What I called my unholy trinity: smoking, chips, and coke. At this time I lacked any self-discipline whatsoever so I figured that I had to stop smoking to keep myself away from convenience stores and the pop and chips. It took a few months to quit, but last May I finally quit smoking.

Unfortunately, while going through my eight week quitting smoking program I did not restrain my desire for pop, chips, or anything else I wanted to eat. I was overweight before I quit smoking, but by the time I successfully quit, I could see the excess fat like never before. The sweating was also worse then ever.

At this time I quit the pop and chips completely. I started trying to eat better but was pretty clueless in the beginning. I also started walking a lot more.

As we got into July and temperatures soared, I was starting to look for a fitness program. I must have tried a couple dozen iPhone apps for fitness but none were motivating enough. They were static apps, no feedback was required, and I didn’t have to be honest about how I was doing. As such, none of them worked.

The big change came when I visited my mother to help her out for a couple weeks. She had something I didn’t own. A scale! I weighed myself in the first day there. A week later I weighed myself again. I was shocked to learn I’d gone up in weight. No pop, no chips, very little fast food, and walking at least an hour a day and I’d gone up in weight. So I educated myself about nutrition, calories, etc. I also started to use MyFitnessPal. By the next week, my weight had gone down a little. But I am not a patient man. I wanted to see real progress if I was giving up my beloved white bread, white rice, and only eating a handful of nuts a day instead of half a large bag!

MyFitnessPal had apps associated with it. One of them was FitStar that claimed to be like my own personal trainer. It claimed it would tailor itself to my fitness level and move me forward at a pace I could handle. So I tried it and I loved it!!!

The videos have helped motivate me as has the need to be honest with the feedback to keep my sessions at a level that’s right for me. It simplifies so much in that I don’t need a fitness plan of work this are this day, that area the next etc. I love that I can do this in private as I was more then a little ashamed of my weight. It’s been fantastic!

My girlfriend and I travel a fair bit. In the six months I’ve been using FitStar, I can say that I’ve used it in four different countries, taking my trainer wherever I go. I’m now using FitStar Yoga as well.

That sweating problem, no longer an issue. I used to not take my shirt off at the beach or pool, now I do without shame (though I’m no Adonis… yet). I actually can see muscles all over my body, even the start of what will hopefully be some serious abs with more training. I’ve now lost more then 50lbs and hit my initial weight loss goal. Since starting FitStar Yoga, I’m also having far less problems with my knees as well.

I’ve also gotten addicted to fitness. I’m going to keep using FitStar and keep improving my health and fitness. I cannot express how happy I am with the FitStar apps.

3. Why is FitStar a good fit for you?

FitStar is great for me thanks to the dynamic workouts. Having the workout tailored to my ability forces me to be honest about how I’m doing as well as creating a sense of accomplishment as exercises get harder. The badges earned help too! As a frequent traveler, I also take FitStar with me everywhere!

4. What have you gained by using FitStar?

FitStar has helped with my weight loss. I used to be very sweaty all the time and no longer am. For the first time in years, I’m really starting to see muscle definition. Mostly though, I feel better. I can run for a bus or traffic light and not be out of breath. My body is stronger. Overall, I have more self confidence and feel generally better about myself.

5. What tips or advice do you have for others that may help get them started or keep going?

Start at your own speed. Ramp up at your own speed. Be honest about where you are but don’t beat yourself up. As long as you keep going you’ll see and feel the difference with your body and health.

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Keep Moving!

– Team FitStar