Have you been kicking (your own) butt and working towards your fitness goals with the new Fitstar Personal Trainer? We hope you’re loving it as much as we love working on it for you.

If you haven’t jumped into the app and are curious about what’s new in the redesigned Fitstar Personal Trainer app – we’ve made a special walk-through, just for you.

This video guides you through getting started with Fitstar, and highlights each new feature in Fitstar Personal Trainer. Learn more about our two new trainers, Lea and Adrian, our fresh look and feel, and Recommended Workouts based on your Fitbit activities. Get a peek into the new exercises, and hear all about Fitstar Radio.

We’re always interested to hear what Fitstars like you think about the app experience, after all – our goal is to deliver adaptive workouts that you can and want to do anytime, anywhere. Tweet us @Fitstar and tell us what you think!

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar

  • Mollie

    So, will fitstar use the data from my Apple Health App (which it already syncs with) to recommend workouts also? This was hinted at when the HealthKit first came out (and fitstar was one if the early adopters), so I hope since recommended workouts are now integrated with the system, they can take the information they already have from syncing with the Health app, and make those recommendations for me as well, even though I don’t sync with fitbit.

    • Victoria Johnson

      How does Fitstar (fitbit “app”) sync with Apple? Please tell me. I didn’t know we could do that.

      • Mollie

        You might have to delete the app and re install to get it integrated. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you if you want to integrate with apple Health. Then inside apple Health you can pick and choose what FitStar reads and writes.

        • Bill Smith

          It’s funny how Fitstar and Yoga just ignored both of your messages since the remove that Apple Watch Functionality. Fitbit purchasing them I’m sure caused this issue. I guess that’s why they are laying off staff since people are starting to switch to the Apple Watch.

  • Hank Hardisty

    I have had the opportunity to use the revised Personal Trainer and have only one recommendation: that a countdown (reps or time) be included visibly in one of the corners.

    • http://fitstar.com/ FitStar

      Hi, Hank! Thanks for the feedback – I’ve shared it with the team! We really appreciate your insights. Keep ‘em coming, and Keep Moving!

  • Janelle Ferrell

    I like the new look and exercises, however I kind of miss tony and the others, also I like to easily see what muscle groups are going to be the focus for each session so I can tie it in with other things. Cheers

  • Kevin

    I have been using Fitstar for several years. I like the new look, and I like seeing some new faces. However, I wonder if anyone putting together the routines has actually watched the videos while listening to the dialogue? They are clearly disconnected. The dialogue tells you to not raise your leg above you waist, and yet in the video, what is shown is the demonstrator lifting his leg above his waist. I have noticed many of these discrepancies. I look to the videos to make sure I am doing the exercise correctly, but if I also listen to the dialogue, I am confused as to how the exercise is supposed to be performed. Video and dialogue need to be brought together.

    • http://fitstar.com/ FitStar

      Hi, Kevin – thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! I’ve passed along your feedback with our teams so they can address your concerns. We’re really happy to hear that you’re enjoying the new experience and new faces, and we hope you Keep Moving with Fitstar!

  • Andi

    The new version is great! The only thing that needs to come back is the identification of muscle groups being worked in personalized sessions. I get the broader and more sensational appeal of the kitchy/branded names you’ve given them, but I would still at least like to see in parentheses more educational information about what I’m doing that day. Especially so I don’t have to sit and look through the moves to decide if my legs/abs/arms are too sore that day from crosstraining.

  • Yvonne Marie

    I have been using FitStar for a little over a year, and absolutely love it. I really like the new look and the addition of new exercises as the workout were starting to get a tad repetitive. However, I do have a few critiques.
    1) I preferred when the rep ticker at the top counted down as opposed to counting up. It’s much more motivational to know I only have a couple more left as opposed to seeing how many I’ve done
    2) Now that FItStar has the male/female trainer option, it would be great if you could pick to have all male or all female video demonstrations. As a female, the female demonstrations are much more helpful and realistic, especially for exercises such as burpees, military push ups, etc. In the moves overview of each session sometimes it will be all female demos but during the actual workout it’s male.

    • http://fitstar.com/ Fitstar

      Hello, Yvonne – thanks so much for this feedback! We really value what our Fitstars think so we can build the best experience for you and I’ve shared your points with our teams. Thanks again for taking the time to tell us what you think and Keep Moving!

      • Hannah

        Hi! I’m not sure if you guys are still checking in with this post, but I just wanted to add my opinion to the request above to only have women or men with the different coaches. Please don’t make it only men/women for each coach! I like seeing both men and women in my videos. I am a women and I use Adrian as my coach. So if there were only men in Adrian’s videos I would never get to see any women preforming the exercises. I enjoy seeing the different people, with completely different bodies, exercising:-)

  • Edward

    So I was just wondering if with a basic Fitstar membership if you can watch the same video more than once. If not then I feel like that would be good for the people that can’t afford the premium or for people that watched all the videos already.

  • Leon Ramkumar

    Hi, my wife and I recently bought fitbits and would like to use the personal trainer in the mornings before work. Is there a couples mode, so we could use our tv? This would then extend to the yoga in the evenings as we would use the same space.