Spring has arrived, and with it the motivation to clean and reset both our homes and ourselves. Whether you’re going big in the garden, or tackling indoor chores, you can blast through an abundance of calories just by tackling your To Do list. Double win! Gardening isn’t just about ridding your lawn of weeds – turns out it’s actually an ideal mind-body workout. And while you’re sprucing up your abode, you’ll also fire up your muscles and get your blood pumping

Get A Great Mind-Body Workout With Gardening
Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control compares gardening to “moderate cardiovascular exercise”? Staying busy between soil and sun for 30 to 45 minutes can burn between 150 and 300 calories. And it’s not just the physical workout that provides benefits, according to this article from Mind Body Green. Of course pulling weeds, pushing a mower, lifting and moving potted plants and the like will work your muscles, but Mind Body Green says you’ll also get a sensory workout. Your sense of smell will pick up fresh scents of earth, grass, and flowering plants; your hearing will hone in on the wind rustling and birdsong (or neighborhood noises) nearby. Gardening also provides an opportunity to unplug from technology, thus allowing for some mental health to occur – as well as giving your eyes a break from staring at screens. Even if your locale isn’t lush and idyllic, you can seek out an outdoor option at a local park or community garden. The benefits of yard work as a workout are many – read more from Mind Body Green.

Burn Calories With Indoor Cleaning and Organizing Activities
If you’re sticking to traditional (indoor) spring cleanig chores – check out how many calories you can power through as you polish your digs. (Thanks to shape.com for calorie counts. These estimates are based on a 150-pound person, and will vary with intensity, body composition and weight.)

1. Mopping: Take care of those dusty, dirty floors with an hour of mopping and you’ll shed 153 calories.

2. Washing floors: If your floors require a little extra elbow grease, you can shed as many as 187 calories in just 30 minutes.

3. Scrubbing the tub: It might not take you as long as those floors, but some similar umph is required to ditch that soap scum. In 15 minutes, you’ll burn more than 90 calories—and you might feel it in those arms, too!

4. Vacuuming: Depending on the size of your home, vacuuming could make a significant dent in your 10,000 recommended steps a day. In the process, you could burn 119 calories per 30 minutes.

5. Sweeping: A 30-minute dance with the broom will burn off 136 calories.

6. Washing the car: Winter road salt still covering your car? Skip the drive-thru and scrub it by hand to burn 153 calories.

7. Cleaning windows: Get the grime off the inside and the outside and let the springtime sun shine in. You’ll burn 167 calories in 30 minutes.

8. Rearranging the closet: Ready to put away those sweaters and your heavy winter coat? Moving around some lighter options can burn about 85 calories.

9. Redecorating: Painting your bedroom a springy pale green? 30 minutes of indoor remodeling knocks off 167 calories.

10. Moving: Got any furniture to move? You’re in luck: You could burn another 100 calories in just 15 minutes, and even more if you have to move anything up and down stairs!

Do you have a spring cleaning routine that tidies and tones? Tell us your plans to get fit while fitting in your chores in the comments below.

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar

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