Alright, team, it’s time to check-in on those 2017 fitness goals. Was this the year you vowed to get stronger? If so, we have the perfect workouts to build strength and boost your fitness routine. Introducing Burpee Breakdown in Fitstar Personal Trainer, and Finding Paradise in Fitstar Yoga. Both of these brand-new, Premium Freestyle workouts will maximize your muscles and improve endurance – helping you towards a strong 2017 finish.

You know burpees are always on the Fitstar crew’s list – they are a great bodyweight workout on their own! Our latest Premium Freestyle session from Fitstar Personal Trainer, Burpee Breakdown, will build total-body strength and stamina with a deconstructed burpee workout. What does that mean? In just 25 minutes you’ll tackle moves that hit your chest, core, legs, arms and shoulders – all the keys to pulling off the perfect burpee. And, spoiler alert: Burpee Breakdown also includes legit burpees. Hey, the goal is to get and stay strong, right? Practice makes progress. Push yourself and check out Burpee Breakdown today, in the Freestyle section of the Fitstar Personal Trainer app. Need to level-up to Premium and unlock this workout? Get it and every single workout in our library here.

Summer may be over, but you can still find paradise on a personal level when you try the latest workout from Fitstar Yoga. Finding Paradise is a brand-new session that will challenge you to discover new strength, mobility, and balance on the mat. In just 31 minutes, you’ll hone your flexibility, getting as low as lizard pose, and soaring to new heights with bird of paradise pose. Start with sequences that keep your body close to the mat, including vinyasas, half hanuman, and lunge variations. Then, gradually work your way through a series of warrior and wide legged poses, feeling strong and solid in your feet. The foundation you build at the beginning of this practice will enable you to challenge yourself in standing poses, including standing toe hold and, of course, bird of paradise pose. As a reward for stretching yourself in these more challenging poses, you’ll get back down on the mat and finish the workout with a series of supine variations. Finding Paradise might not be a vacation, but it will help you get stronger and become more stable. Want to check it out? Access this Premium Freestyle workout in Fitstar Yoga now.

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar