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Here at FitStar, our aim is to offer you sweat sessions that work your body from head to toe – wherever you are, whenever you want to exercise. Your FitStar Personal Trainer or FitStar Yoga Program will make sure you Keep Moving in the right direction, and we have a catalog of Freestyle sessions that complement your customized workouts. If you’re all about abs, we’ve got you covered. Want to build-up your base? Check out our legendary leg workouts, Leg Day and Legtastic. And if you want to double down from the waist up, you’re in luck! Today we’re introducing two brand-new workouts designed with your upper body in mind. Get armed and ready to reach your fitness goals and build muscle with new Premium Freestyle sessions: The Armory and Spellbound.

Don’t let the name fool you, there aren’t any tricks in Spellbound, the all-new Premium Freestyle session from FitStar Yoga. That said, commit to the sequences of binds, twists, and balancing poses, and your body might just feel magical at the end. One thing is for sure, this 38-minute workout will open your upper body, and strengthen your foundation. Start with seated twists, then thread the needle before going deeper in down dog and vinyasa poses. Lengthen and strengthen your muscles with standing sequences including pigeon chair, standing knee in, half bound variations, and everyone’s favorite warrior poses. As your stability builds up, challenge yourself to master crow pose before finishing this workout with seated and supine sequences. Magic comes from Making It Happen, and we know you’ll feel extraordinary when you complete Spellbound. Try it out!

Over in FitStar Personal Trainer, the magic is in the muscle. Introducing The Armory, the latest Premium Freestyle session that will fortify your biceps, triceps, and core. All you need is 25 minutes and a space to sweat, because this upper-body-focused workout will put your chest to the test. Punch up your personal bests with moves like shadow boxing, hip hop mountain climbers, bench dips, and doorframe rows. And, of course, The Armory showcases an array of pushups in our arsenal; challenge yourself with side plank, military, reverse grip, and diamond variations. This workout will set you heads and shoulders above the rest; your upper body will feel stronger in in less than 30 minutes. We know you’ve got this. Check it out now!

We’re excited to share these brand-new workouts with you, and hope you make a Freestyle session (or two!) part of your regular workout routine. They’re, fun, fast, and truly complement your customized Program. Plus, Freestyle sessions are a great way to mix it up and keep things fresh. Both The Armory and Spellbound are Premium Freestyle sessions, so level up to FitStar Personal Trainer Premium, or FitStar Yoga Premium to unlock them today.

Keep Moving,
– Team FitStar