What’s your why? Have you asked yourself why you choose to work out? Why do you make time for fitness? Why exercise plays an important part in your life? In short: what is your why?

For most of us, it’s because we want to be healthier, feel better, and look our best. These goals drive us to lace up our sneakers, tap the Fitstar app, hit the trails, or complete burpee challenges.

We all know that building strength and burning fat can help us achieve our end goals, but this month’s workouts help address a hurdle that might be holding you back: muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances are what happens when one part of your body is bigger or stronger than another. And while most of us notice these imbalances on a day-to-day basis – picking up the grocery bag is easier with one arm that it is with the other – these imbalances throughout your body can really add up. If your “why” is to get and stay in shape, with all your muscles as strong as they can be – you’re going to want to try our latest workouts.

First, check out Build, Balance, and Burn from Fitstar Personal Trainer. This fresh new workout delivers an intense total-body exercise experience in just 25 minutes. Warm up with air jump rope and butt kicks, and stay on your feet for moves like hip hurdles and toy soldiers. Next, get low for inchworms, bird dogs, and alternating table top glute kicks. Work your upper body with pushups and Spidermans, and save some stamina for the one-legged burpees, and single-legged deadlifts. Build, Balance, and Burn will help you hone in on muscles that need strengthening, while providing a fat-blasting, and relatively fast, workout. In less than thirty minutes you’ll be closer to your goals, and sweating with success. Head over to Fitstar Personal Trainer to try this Premium workout now. If you need to level up to Premium, you can do that right here.

Next, for those of you getting fit with Fitstar Yoga, we’re all about Taking Sides. This isn’t a collection of peaceful poses, Taking Sides forces you to focus on your muscle imbalances by providing a demanding unilateral practice. Ease your way into it through a series of seated poses, then cat and cow. Your body will warm up further with down dog variations, including scorpion dog, before building strength in your lower half though standing sequences. Work your way through warrior variations, and then come back down to the mat for some floorwork, and supine poses before resting in savasana (corpse pose). With every inch of your body stretched and strengthened, you’ll be one yoga practice closer to seeing the results you want. So get out your mat, and get started. This 37-minute workout is available to Fitstar yogis with Premium memberships, so unlock it now, if you haven’t yet.

Make It Happen,
– Team Fitstar

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    Will Yoga ever be avalable to non IPhone customers?