Here at FitStar, it’s our passion to get people moving and to make it easier for them to integrate exercise into their daily lives. We have a lot of great fans out there and we love hearing from you. This story from the Spell family was too good not to share.

Brenda Spell from Missouri recently reached out to us to tell us how much her oldest daughter Anna loves our app. Anna has been using FitStar to condition for high school volleyball tryouts this fall. Anna and her dad Alan work out with it regularly – they especially enjoy our Freestyle Sessions like 7-Minute Workout and Arm Yourself because they are quick and effective.

Our FitStars know how motivating in-app coach and renowned NFL tight end, Tony Gonzalez, can be. Who doesn’t crack a smile when Tony G. makes silly references to triangles to distract you from how tight you are keeping your core in side plank? Anna and her dad especially love when Tony says, “Be the hypotenuse you were born to be,” and laugh each time he says it. Brenda wrote to us in hopes that she could get an image of Tony doing the side plank because she wanted to make a T-shirt for Anna’s upcoming birthday. We also learned that Brenda was battling thyroid cancer with a treatment that kept her quarantined from her family for a few weeks. We knew immediately we wanted to do something special for this family.

FitStar loved the idea so much, we designed a special graphic and made T-shirts for the whole family. They arrived just in time for the birthday celebration this month. Younger brother Sam noticed right away that we noted 88 degrees (instead of 90 degrees) on the right triangle as a nod to Tony’s number. Nice find, Sam!

Spell Family small

From left: Alan, Grace, Anna, Betsy and Sam Spell

During the time we were talking with Brenda, she got an all-clear from her scans. Join us in celebrating Anna’s birthday and most importantly, the news that Brenda is cancer-free. Keep up the great work Spell Family and thank you for being FitStars!

Special shout out to all of our SUPER FitStars out there who are juggling challenges, but still make time to take care of their body and health, and use FitStar. If you have a story to tell about how FitStar makes a difference in your life, we want to hear from you. Please email us at

Keep Moving!

-Team FitStar