Hi, Fitstar family –

When we started Fitstar more than five years ago, we wanted to create a simple and personalized way for anyone to get and stay in shape – no matter their level of expertise, location, or budget. It has been an incredibly challenging, fun, and rewarding road thus far. We’ve been humbled and inspired by the progress and successes that millions of Fitstars around the world – Fitstars like you – have achieved.

Through it all, our mission has been the same: we want to build products that inspire people to live healthier lives.

When we joined Fitbit in 2015, we were able to take our mission to the next level by continuing to evolve the experience. We brought Fitstar Personal Trainer to our loyal and lunge-loving Android crowd, we expanded our fluency and now encourage folks who speak French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish to #getmoving. We’ve also worked to make Fitstar more accessible to fitness-focused people who own Fitbit devices, putting Freestyle workouts directly on the Fitbit Blaze. And, earlier this year, we debuted Fitstar by Fitbit – an exercise experience that offers more customization, more moves, and more motivation than ever before.

You have stuck by us throughout this evolution, and we can’t thank you enough.


Today we’re excited to announce the next big step in our journey: Fitbit Coach.

This fall, we’re making strides to integrate more completely into the Fitbit experience with the launch of Fitbit Coach – coming soon to your mobile device and online. This app update delivers our signature dynamic, personalized fitness programs plus even more ways to work out and hit your goals. The same Freestyle workouts, customized routines, and muscle-building moves will be there – don’t worry, the app you love isn’t going away. Fitbit Coach will offer more exercises, more personalization, and the motivation you need to get and stay in shape. We’re especially excited to bring Run & Walk audio coaching from our team of professional trainers straight to your ears, as well as a more seamless integration into the Fitbit app.

We’ve been working hard on it, and we hope you love it. Stay tuned for more information, coming this fall.

Keep Moving,
Dave Grijalva & Mike Maser, Fitstar Co-Founders

  • Susan

    Sounds interesting! I would be interested to know how this will affect my current subscription to FitStar Personal Trainer. Will this change subscription rates? More importantly, I would like to know if the workouts themselves will change considerably. I am really happy with them the way they are.

  • Cara Miller Long

    I would love the calorie burning in Fitstar to be accurate to your personal size, age and heart rate. It’s inconvenient to need to start your Boot Camp exercise but then have Fitstar auto input another workout with incorrect calorie burn exercise you need to delete. Would be a HUGE improvement!

  • Rell75

    How does Fitstar Yoga factor into all this? It’s been a bit since it’s been updated. Wonder if it’s getting integrated into this also. I hope it will. I use both apps on a regular basis.

    • Giampi

      Even more, the Android version has never been released.

      • Rell75

        Oh wow. Yes, android users definitely need some Fitstar Yoga love. Didn’t realize it never came out for you all.

  • Barbara Yuill Hardie

    I camt wait ..I love my fitbit..and have lost 40lbs since Jan.\love how it reminds me to get up and move..

  • ribogushter

    Will there be exercises with free weights?

  • Pano Tournidis

    This would be a great idea and to get this information will help us all stay in shape

  • Pano Tournidis

    This is a great way to help everyone get in shape and help them stay in shape

  • Pano Tournidis

    Can wait to get this information

  • Deb

    Will Run and Walk Audio Coaching be anything like Lumo Run (without the clip-on, of course)?

  • TJ

    This article is from 2 weeks ago. An update will be great

  • Melissa Ramirez

    Hi! Will the fitstar coach offer weights coaching?

  • Robbie Webb

    Will there be exercise with weights?

  • Nancy Moran

    I am new to this and wonder if it will take into consideration people that are active over 60 regarding weight management and exercises?