Our FitStar of the week is Kevin Menzie from Boulder, CO. Kevin, like a lot of our FitStars, has a full life being a husband, father and running a company. FitStar lets him workout when he gets the chance and complements his active lifestyle. After deciding it was time to get fit and motivating himself, Kevin has lost 20 lbs!

Here are five facts you need to know about FitStar: Kevin Menzie


1. How long have you been using FitStar and what Program do you use?

I’ve been using FitStar for a month and a half. I use Get Strong every other day and the Freestyle sessions in between those days. I balance that with running on the treadmill, trail running, and mountain biking in the Colorado foothills. With the combination of those things, I’ve lost about 20 pounds over the last 3-4 months.

2. What is your FitStar story?

I’m a lucky guy. I have a wonderful family, fun job, and live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. However, for many years I’ve been unhappy with being a tad overweight and out of shape.

I turn 40 this year and there’s a lot of emotion connected to that. I have two young girls and a fantastic wife, all of whom I want to be able to keep up with as I get older. I also just want to feel more positive around my physicality and appearance.

It wasn’t a conscious decision per say, but I think one day somewhere deep inside I decided that I’d had enough and it was time to take “getting healthy” seriously. That led to running three times a week, tracking my food and activity through apps like MyFitnessPal, and ultimately adding FitStar to the regimen.

I started FitStar after losing enough weight where it was clear I also needed to add some muscle. The Get Strong program and Freestyle workouts have been perfect for me.

3. Why is FitStar a good fit for you?

I run a company and I’m a husband and a father, so there’s a lot of things pulling at my attention and time. I’m already running three days out of the week, so adding in more days at the gym started to sound hard to pull off between driving to day care and spending quality time with the family.

FitStar has been perfect because I can wake up in the morning, put up the workout on the Apple TV, and sneak in a workout while my girls are eating breakfast.

What’s great is that my girls now participate in the workouts (in their own way) and also repeat the instructions to me from the videos while I’m doing pushups or something else. Their personal favorite exercise is “butt kicks.”

4. What have you gained by using FitStar?

I’ve gained a few things from FitStar so far:

  1. I’ve learned to have good form while doing the routines
  2. I’ve learned to be patient to see results and enjoy seeing changes happening
  3. I definitely have a stronger core and other muscle areas, which help immensely while doing other sports like trail running and mountain biking

5. What tips or advice do you have for others that may help get them started or keep going?

I’d say the biggest shift for me was doing this for “me” vs. other people. There’s a lot of societal pressure around weight and strength. I’ve found that sort of pressure to motivate me only so far. When I looked at what I wanted with the rest of my life and recognized that part of that was to feel and look fit, it was easier to motivate myself to make room for working out and eating right.

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What motivates you to work out and eat healthy?

Keep Moving!

– Team FitStar