Are you hitting the shops to check people off your gift-giving list? You could save yourself a trip and give your loved ones the fittest giver ever (*cough cough* FitStar Personal Trainer Premium *cough cough* less than 40 bucks a year *cough cough*). But if you’re out and about, and looking for something you can wrap, make sure you keep moving. This holiday season, get your sneakers on and get ready to work out while you shop.

#1 –  Jumping Jacks
While waiting for stores to open, keep warm by doing some easy jumping jacks for 30 seconds. With your blood flowing you’ll be ready to take on the crowds.

#2 – Core Challenge
Looking at a display? Test your balance. Bring your toes together and lift up onto the balls of your feet. If this feels easy, then slowly lift one foot a few inches out to the side and squeeze those abs to stay upright. Count how long you can stay up before trying it with the other foot. Challenge yourself again later and see if you can hold the balance for longer. Feel like a champ when you do.

#3 – Narrow Squats
Waiting for the fitting room? Keep your feet about 2 fists apart and squat. The added weight of the garments to try on will increase the work. Double win.

#4 – Handcart Kettlebell
Only getting a few things? Use a handcart and hold in the middle with both hands. Lift to your chest and lower while keeping your elbows pointing out, stomach in and shoulders down your back. This will work your chest as well as keep you from getting anything not on the list.

#5 – Calf Raises
While waiting in line to pay, do calf raises. Start with your feet together, toes facing forward. Squeeze your glutes and lift up to the balls of your feet. Do as many as you can until it burns. Still waiting? Rotate out to first position and repeat. For a really terrible line, open your feet wide to second position and lift from there. Each angle will work slightly different muscles for definition from every angle.

#6 – Bicep Curls
Work your arms while you window shop! Evenly distribute your handbag and packages and curl as you walk.

#7 – Shoulder Rotations
Start with your arms in a 90 degree angle, fists full of bags in front of you. While maintaining that shape in your arms, rotate from the shoulder to bring your fists to either side of your waist. Extend out from the shoulder just a couple of inches, then back in. Rotate to center and repeat.

#8 – Step It Out
Park once and walk everywhere else. Be sure to wear your Fitbit to keep track of your steps. Bonus points if you accomplish your daily step goal and to do list in one outing. Score!

And after a long day of carrying heavy packages, be sure to stretch it out! This yoga freestyle session is the perfect way to unwind before bed.

How do you squeeze in movement while shopping? Share your mall fitness tips in the comments below!

Make It Happen
– Team FitStar