Rev up your fitness routines and reach your goals faster with Freestyle workouts! If you’ve been hitting your Fitstar Personal Trainer sessions, the odds are you are seeing success – maybe you’ve honed your strength or stood smiling on a scale? To keep up your momentum – and to keep things fresh and fun – you can add a Freestyle workout into the mix and get an extra exercise boost. These five workouts focus on total-body fitness so you can activate all your muscles whether you have seven minutes or half an hour. Give one a try today!

#1 – Quick HIIT 
Quick HIIT is an action-packed interval workout that will put our Fitstar Personal Trainer Premium rockstars to the test. How many reps can you knock out in just 21 minutes? You tell us – you’re in charge here, and this Freestyle session is as intense as you want it to be. Get warmed up with open hip squats, alternating knee raises, and toy soldiers, then get after those intervals. With moves like mountain climbers, Spiderman pushups, jump lunges, and burpees, this workout will challenge your strength and stamina. If you want a quick workout to be effective, it can’t be a cakewalk, can it? We know you have it in you, so Make It Happen.

#2 – Strong Start 
Strong Start is a calorie-blasting session that will fire up your muscles and deliver a total-body workout in just 28 minutes. Not only is this a brand-new routine for 2017, but Strong Start features new exercises from the Fitstar catalog! Get your blood pumping with power skips, twist and tone your core with hip dips, and strengthen your lower half with seesaw lunges. Have you tackled negative pushups before? Challenge your chest with this new exercise! Kick your fitness plans up a notch this year and give this new workout a shot.

#3 – 7-Minute Workout
The 7-Minute Workout is rooted in science and designed to give you maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Using only your body weight, a chair, and a wall, it’s a high-intensity interval routine incorporating bursts of cardio you can do just about anywhere. Don’t believe us? Give it  a shot now! Remember, the 7-Minute Workout is all about intensity—move quickly and do as many reps as you can in each 30-second interval. If you have extra time, do it again!

#4 – 2016 Summer Gains
Fire up your muscles and torch calories with 2016 Summer Gains, a Freestyle workout we launched last summer. This 30-minute workout from Fitstar Personal Trainer is packed with moves mastered and inspired by athletes everywhere. Channel the champs and accomplish an assortment of drills that build strength and stamina. Go for your goals and push through the Heisman lunges, clapping pushups, and burpee jump tucks. Complete the dive bombers, superman swims, and handstands, and you’ll be golden. Test your mettle and get after your goals with this fresh workout!

#5 – Body Balanced
Body Balanced is a 24-minute Premium Freestyle workout that serves up a mix of unilateral exercises to help you build even, total-body strength. After a quick stretch, you’ll be on your feet to get your muscles moving with toy soldiers, single leg deadlifts, and Heisman lunges. Then push your body – one side at a time – with one-legged mountain climbers and one-armed Spidermans. This butt-kicking (literally, you’ll do 30 seconds of those) workout also includes one-legged burpees before winding down to offset pike presses and one-legged floor bridges. By targeting each side, and engaging every major muscle group, Body Balanced delivers a stellar workout you can tackle anytime, anywhere for balanced strength.

Do you have a favorite Freestyle workout for total-body fitness? Let us know in the comments below! And if you need to unlock any of the Premium sessions, level up to Fitstat Personal Trainer Premium now and Make It Happen!

Keep Moving,
– Team Fitstar