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Okay, show-of-hands time. Who here has ever worn the same shirt over and over again during the playoffs (or at least until their team loses)? Who hasn’t washed socks or eaten the same exact meal, or driven the same route to the arena before competing? From gold thongs to specific songs, superstitions are a big part of sports, both for the players and the fans. And with the Big Game looming, we’re thinking about all the traditions people are putting into place right now. The Bleacher Report shared a nice long list of interesting rituals and we’ve rounded up five of our favorite sporting superstitions to date.

The thing to remember, though, is that some of these rituals and routines are not totally wildcard actions, plucked from obscurity – but rather they are meaningful motions. And we salute those of you dedicated and devoted to your sport and team so much that you have “a whole thing” about it. It’s part of the fun, is it not?

#1 – Serena Williams | The Super Socks
Serena has to be fast on her feet as a tennis ace, which means we’re pretty sure her socks should go straight in the wash after a match. Not so, however! Serena wears the same pair per tournament, for the duration of the tournament. Hey, she’s the one out there kicking butt all the time so whatever works, right?

#2 – Michael Jordan | The Super Shorts
What to do when your “lucky” shorts are from your old team but you want to wear them in order to be the best for your new team? If you’re Michael Jordan playing for the Bulls and killing it all the darn time, you do what you want. Which, supposedly, was wearing your old team shorts under your new ones. Problem solved and epic greatness achieved.

#3 – Many Pro Athletes and Teams | The Sports Illustrated Jinx
Some people really swear by this one, and while it is fascinating to go down a rabbit hole of information, it’s hard to rationally believe it’s more than coincidence. However, if you want to waste an hour (or day), read for yourself.

#4 – Wade Boggs | “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”
Baseball Hall of Famer (2005) Wade Boggs swore by chicken dinners leading to stellar games. One could argue that the real star his wife who amassed over 40 different recipes featuring poultry and cooked more than 3,000 meals per season!

#5 – Pretty Much All Dudes At Some Point | Playoff Beards
Our very own hometown team, the San Francisco Giants, were known for their burly faces a couple years ago (we’ll always hold #FearTheBeard close to our hearts) but they weren’t alone. Lots of players seem to stop shaving the minute their team makes the playoffs. Is this out of complacency or laziness – or is there an underlying superstition that runs deep? We don’t know. But if it makes them win, we’ll take it.

Want more super silly or suave superstitions? Read the full article at The Bleacher Report.

What’s your routine ritual when you want your team to win or are competing? Tell us in the comments below!

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